2022 Cleaning Goals

There’s nothing remarkable like a new beginning. Whether it’s a New Year resolution or fulfillment of a goal, it has a striking appeal that’s tough to ignore. After midnight, you’ve got the past year to glance at and a new beginning with an unwritten future in waiting.

Since it’s a New Year, a new beginning, fresh cleaning goals resonate well with this. While making a new resolution at the beginning of every year is all exciting. You know how it always ends. You’re all psyched up at the beginning, but the motivation dies off within a couple of weeks later. But not this time, because we’re here to help you make your 2022 cleaning goal a success. Let’s begin:

  1.    Design a Cleaning Schedule

Having a cleaning schedule will help you stick to your cleaning schedule until the end of that year. But for this schedule to work, it must accommodate your busy schedule. As a result, this will prevent chances of excuses and more focus on maintaining your living environment clean.

As you prepare the schedule, disintegrate each cleaning task into smaller sections. This will make it easy to accomplish each task without feeling overwhelmed even after having an exhausting day.

  1.    Clean Windows

Cleaning windows often ends up at the bottom of the cleaning list. But this time around, you should make it a priority. Instead of waiting until that moment when you can’t see through the window, clean it in advance. Make it weekly or monthly depending on your work schedule.

  1.    Clean your Oven and Fridge

Cleaning utensils and countertop is something we don’t forget, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen. However, there’re places that we often postpone cleaning or forget to clean. And these are Fridge and Oven. The overflows and the spills often pile up creating a mess. Therefore, it’s important to plan a cleaning schedule for these appliances even if it’s weekly.

  1.    Organize Clutter

Organizing clutter will make it easy for you when cleaning your house. However, you don’t have to organize everything. Sort out anything that doesn’t make sense and then dispose it of. The less clutter the tidier a room will be, and the easier it will be to clean it.

  1.    Clear Junk Drawer

Don’t deny it; we all have a junk drawer that’s hard to get rid of. This time, spare enough time to sort out what you need from what you don’t. Thereafter, dispose of everything you don’t need. This will create more storage space for other important things.

  1.    Clean Closets

We often accumulate boxes over the years, especially after un-wrapping gifts, new shoes, or clothe, among others. This year, it’s time to dispose of all of them and clean your closet. Cleaning out what you don’t need creates room for what you need.

  1.    Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpet is not that exciting but is vital since it affects everything around it. Further, carpets bear the weight of all the dirt we create indoor and outdoor. For instance, the carpet accumulates all the dirt from your shoe, kids spill, and messy pet. To maintain it clean, organize a weekly cleaning schedule.

  1.    Create Space in the Storage Area

Oftentimes, we neglect the storage space, whether it’s in the basement or the attic. Since it’s all about a fresh beginning, let’s declutter the place and dispose of what we don’t need. It’s a sure way to ensure nothing creeps in and turn the place into a shelter.

Final Take

Feeling psyched to roll out your 2022 cleaning goal? Well, you’re not alone. We understand that it can be hard sometimes to embark on bigger cleaning projects, especially if your schedule is busy.

But with the help of Signature Maids, you have a chance to stick to your 2022 cleaning goal. They’ll help you in major cleaning areas beyond your effort while you can focus on small cleaning projects. Therefore, reach out today, and you’ll be glad you did so.

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