A Guide on How to Keep an Office Clean

Having a clean office has benefits beyond aesthetics and a sense of organization. Working in a clutter-free and sparkly clean office space enhances productivity among your employees. But most importantly, cleanliness in the office is crucial for the health of your staff. However, maintaining a clean working space can be hard and frustrating. Luckily, the following guide on how to keep an office clean will make it effortless:

Clean and Disinfects Office Equipment

IT pieces of equipment receive the highest traffic in the office. This includes printers, keyboards, and the mouse, among others. Due to frequent use, they can harbor germs, which can be spread via contact. Therefore, it’s important to clean and disinfect them regularly.

Hand Washing

It’s not just about visible dirt around the office but also those you can’t see. In this case, we’re referring to germs. Oftentimes, the major cause of a disease outbreak in the office is poor hand hygiene. Through cross-contact contamination, many employees contract a disease from a single source. Therefore, set hand washing points with liquid soap and hand towels to encourage this healthy habit.

De-clutter Desks

This is one of the major causes of untidiness in the office. When a few desks are cluttered, it portrays the entire office facility as disorganized. Also, due to the clutter, cleaning the office becomes challenging. The cleaners would wipe around the clutter leaving the covered surfaces with dirt. Therefore, you should introduce an office tradition of de-cluttering desks and maintaining them clean and tidy.

Hire an Office Cleaning Company

From time to time, your office needs a deep cleaning to revamp the entire place and induce a refreshing atmosphere. If you have office cleaners who maintain that place clean, well that’s great. But it doesn’t rule out the need to hire a commercial office cleaning company for deep-cleaning services.

Also, some companies offer daily or regular cleaning depending on your cleaning budget. Whichever option you choose, ensure it leads to a thoroughly cleaned workplace. Speaking of commercial office cleaners, Signature Maids comes highly recommended. For more info on their office cleaning service package, click here.

Empty Dustbins  

Discarded food, shredded documents, and torn papers, the office dustbins can get filled pretty quickly. And if left unattended, it can begin smelling and spilling the dirt when it’s overfilled. Therefore, you should set a routine in the office that entails emptying the dustbins before they are full.

No eating at desks

It’s important to set rules that discourage your employees from eating at their desks. While it can be convenient since it saves time, it causes a mess in the working area. It often leads to sticky spills and food crumbs all over the office space. Therefore, set aside a common area where employees can eat their snacks or food to prevent such messes.

Floor Cleaning

The floor receives the highest foot traffic. Through our shoes, we bring in dust and bacteria from the outdoors. Further, there’s also spillage and dropping of food crumbs. Therefore, if you don’t clean the floors, it could easily grow bacteria and provoke illness in their entire facility. Deep cleaning is the best strategy in this case to handle bacteria and other germs on the floor.

Getting Started

A clean pace of work will intrigue both your employees and clients. It enhances their sense of pride since they have a connection with your brand. However, successfully running your business plus managing cleanliness can be overwhelming. But with the help of Signature Maids, you’ll have plenty of extra time to invest in growing your business. They’re the best choice for all your office cleaning needs.

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