Are Your Floors Really Clean?

Are Your Floors Really Clean?

Your floors, underfoot constantly, but considered with little frequency. You’ve probably never considered your floors are often among the dirtiest surfaces in your house; though now that you’ve thought of it – it makes sense! Floors collect all sorts of dirt, debris, bacteria, and other contaminants brought in on the shoes of your family, friends, and pets. On top of that, spills and spatters account for even more dirt. In fact, a survey by the Hygiene Council confirmed the dirtiest floors in your home are in the spaces you probably want to be the most clean – the kitchen floor by your sink and the bathroom floor nearest to the toilet. Your floors face a lot of wear and tear and collect a lot of dirt and bacteria, so the question is are you truly keeping your floors really clean? Let’s find out!

Do Your Floors Need Cleaning?

You could hire a professional service to come out and test your floors for bacteria and other pollutants to see how clean they are, but there is an easier way. Take off your shoes and socks, wipe your feet clean and then take a walk across the floor in question. If the thought of walking across the potentially bacteria-laden floor in your bare feet isn’t pleasant, you can also do the test wearing a damp, but clean pair of white socks. Now, stop and take a look at the bottom of your feet or your socks. What do you see? Is it dust, dirt, dog hair, crumbs, or something unidentifiable, yet sticky? There you have it! Now you know for sure, your floors need a thorough cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Floors?

Honestly, there is no right answer, as it depends on your home, who lives in it, and your lifestyle. Every two weeks is the likely minimum, but if your home houses a pets, kids, or a large extended family, you’ll need to clean more often than if you live alone, share you home with one person, or don’t house any pets. You can test the how often you need to clean, using the test above at intervals after you clean. If your floors don’t past the test after three or four days, that’s how often you need to clean them.

Even with a larger family and pets, you can reduce the frequency of floor cleaning by having everyone leave their shoes on the porch or in the mud room. When people wear shoes inside, bacteria, dirt, allergens, and other contaminants are transferred from the shoe soles to your floors. That means every shoe is tracking in pollutants from all the places you and your family members went during the day!

The schedule by which you dust your home top to bottom can also affect the overall cleanliness of your floors and how often you need to clean them. In addition, keeping HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) vents and filters clean will cut down on the frequency of floor cleaning in your home.

Cleaning Your Floors

There isn’t a floor in your house which will stay perfectly clean for a whole week, but spot cleaning can help! When a spill occurs, clean it up right away, thus avoiding the spread to other areas of your home. And remember, when cleaning the different floor surfaces in your home – laminate, wood, carpet, tile, etc. – always choose the appropriate cleaner and technique recommended by the manufacturer for your flooring.

Save Time and Effort while You Enjoy Clean Floors

Obviously, you want your home to be in a continual state of cleanliness and organization. Of course, accomplishing the task means lots of hours cleaning and scrubbing, when you’d rather be spending time with family and friends making memories and engaging in activities you enjoy. A professional cleaning service like the trusted team at Signature Maids can help! Signature Maids knows just how to clean your house thoroughly and with care – ceiling to floor. Call today for your free custom quote and discover the best way to keep your home and your floors clean!