Can You Afford Professional Maid Services?

Can You Afford Professional Maid Services?

When it comes to professional maid services, many people wonder if they can afford professional housekeeping services. In the past, housecleaning services were seen a luxurious only affordable to the wealthy. Whether it was true then or simply a myth, the truth is having a professional maid service is surprisingly affordable. Professional housecleaning services bring a multitude of benefits which, in reality, help the service pay for itself. Here’s how!

The Affordability of Professional Maid Services

Professional Maid Services aren’t nearly as expensive as you might have thought. The size of your home and the time it takes to clean is the main factor in estimating costs for housecleaning services. If you live in an average American home (2,300 to 2,500 square feet), you’ll find rates and services tailored to meet your needs are quite affordable. Another important consideration in professional housekeeping rates is the frequency in which you need maid services. Not every home requires weekly housecleaning services which means greater affordability when you hire a service to clean every other week or even monthly. Of course, whatever cleaning schedule you choose is best, you’ll get a superior home cleaning and garner extra time you can enjoy. In fact, you might find that hiring a professional maid service to deep clean once a month can make a big difference in the ease of keeping your home clean in between visits. One-time services are also the ideal option when you need you home cleaned quickly, like just before a party or when out-of-town guests are arriving.

As mentioned, hiring a professional housecleaning services offers much more than just an exceptionally clean house. Utilizing trusted housekeeping services mean more time to spend with family and friends. When you consider how much time you spend cleaning each week, you’ll quickly see how the minutes add up to hours. An expert maid service can save you time and allow you to make memories with your loved ones – and that is priceless. Of course, that extra could allow you to put in additional hours of work and make more money, which is particularly helpful if you are self-employed or work remotely. Specialized housecleaning services can help you hone your focus, whether you’re building a company or working toward a promotion.

Finally, a professional maid service can save you money on cleaning equipment and supplies. Every month you spend money replenishing cleaning supplies and keeping cleaning equipment maintained. A well-qualified housecleaning service will bring both the equipment and the cleaning supplies (vacuums, mops, brooms, cleaners, and more) needed to keep your house spotless, thus allowing you to actually save money as well as time!

Calculating Your Time and Money

Generally, most men and women spend some part of their day cleaning a portion of their house. It might be wiping down the shower or the toilet, cleaning the kitchen after dinner, or sweeping up what the kids tracked in during the day. And even then, it still doesn’t account for the time spend on weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning. Take a week and keep a log of the time spend cleaning – everything from vacuuming to mopping, folding laundry to scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the kitchen to dusting the furniture. After a week, you’ll probably be surprised at how much time is actually spent on keeping your home clean.

After your tally, call on Signature Maids for a free estimate for cleaning your home. When you make the comparison, you’ll likely see how affordable a professional maid service actually is when it comes to saving you time, which can be better spent with family and friends or building your brand.