Carpet Cleaning – Should You Choose Professional or DIY?

As a normal part of spring cleaning, many of you include carpet cleaning in the mix. Carpet cleaning is a big job and one that needs to be done with the same urgency and drive as annual spring cleaning. Carpet cleaning not only removes stains and cleans your carpets, it also has been shown to increase the longevity of your carpet. Even so, many people only clean their carpets every few years, and some have theirs cleaned even less frequently. You want your carpet to look great and deliver exceptional performance for a long time. To accomplish this task, carpet manufacturers recommend you clean your carpets annually. And in most cases carpet cleaning is a part of your warranty. Now that you know the importance of cleaning your carpet, you can probably admit it’s time to have your carpet cleaned. But the question remains – should you choose to hire a profession or do-it-yourself (DIY)?

Steam Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is common term used for hot water extraction, the cleaning method recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers. In this cleaning method, the cleaning machine is filled with a solution of hot water and a carpet cleaning solution. The machine then sprays the hot water/cleaning solution mixture over your carpet and quickly removes it along with the dirt and grime in your carpet. The cleaning solution helps remove any stains or soiling in your carpet.

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

While the hot water extraction cleaning method is often referred to as steam cleaning, the process is not the same as real steam cleaning. Professional carpet cleaners use a powerful steam cleaning method, that utilizes a portable machine or a truck-mounted cleaning unit depending on the size and location of the project. The portable carpet cleaning machines are ideal for apartments and condominiums, though the truck-mounted unites offer greater power and premium efficiency in cleaning.

Do-It-Yourself Steam Cleaning

DIY steam cleaning machines are readily available for rent at your local grocery store, pharmacy, or home improvement store as well as for purchase at your favorite big box retailer, online, or home improvement store. To confuse matters even more, with so many  cleaners available and touting the promise of professional quality, many consumers wonder if they should skip the professional cleaning and grab a machine and go the DIY route. A small cleaner is actually a great option to have at home to handle spills or to clean small areas, but you’re your whole house needs a good carpet cleaning, it is best to call on the professionals.

Reasons to Go with a Pro

  • DIY steam cleaning machines simply can’t heat the water to the same high heat as powerful professional machines, meaning cleanliness is sacrificed. Suction power of professional machines means more water and dirt are extracted from your carpet.

(If you DIY your carpet cleaning and your carpet is wet when you have finished the job, you haven’t cleaned your carpets effectively. A professional carpet cleaning service will only leave your carpets slightly damp after a thorough cleaning.)

  • Carpet cleaning professionals know the exact amount of cleaner to apply, as well as the proper technique to use for their equipment promising you the best possible clean for your home. (If you go the DIY route, be sure to measure the cleaner exactly and follow the directions for properly using the machine – how fast or slow you move the machine during cleaning does make a difference!)
  • If you are concerned about the cost of a professional carpet cleaning service, don’t be! A professional carpet cleaning is not as expensive as you think and will get the job done in a timely and effective manner, increasing the look and performance of your carpet.

Call on the experienced team at Signature Maids for your next carpet cleaning and rest assured you will get the deepest level of clean for your carpets.

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