Cleaning After a Commercial Renovation

Cleaning After a Commercial Renovation

The planning process of a commercial renovation is fun, along with finally being able to see the finished product. However, what happens in between can be a hassle, especially when it comes to dealing with the aftermath. Once a big commercial renovation is done, no matter what there will always be a mess to pick up. While a construction crew might move the bigger trash items, there is an immense amount of debris left over. A time consuming task after a renovation is removing the dirt that is left over.

It is no secret that renovation projects create an immense amount of dirt that tends to flow through the air and land on surfaces. These particles tend to land anywhere and everywhere around a building, making air quality indoors poor. For tips on cleaning up after a renovation, consider the following:

Wipe Down Surfaces

When a renovation project is complete, the most obvious task is to wipe down all surfaces. Dust tends to move around and land on all surfaces, including walls and shelves. Immediately dusting all surfaces can prevent damage from occurring on paint. However, ensure to test spot an area before cleaning it fully. Areas to be aware of are top of cabinets, baseboards, shelves, and drawers. Ensuring shelves and drawers are cleaned inside and out is imperative to get every inch of a space cleaned.

Common overlooked areas that need to be cleaned include lights and lamp shades, electronics and other appliances, furniture, ceiling fans, windows, and door knobs. While ceiling fans might be hard to reach, getting a ladder and dusting the top can avoid commercial building owners from continuing to find dust for months on end.

Take Out the Trash

While this might be an obvious choir, it is essential to note. After a renovation, there will be a mess, including leftover straps and trash that building owners need to throw out.

Clean Carpets

Another immediate response to cleaning after a renovation is vacuuming. During construction, dust gets everywhere, including flooring and upholstery. Since dust can be easily embedded in carpets, curtains, cushions, and other fabric, it is essential to clean these areas deeply. Beginning by vacuuming flooring and upholstered items is the first place to start. Perhaps going over flooring a few times can ensure more dirt gets removed.

While these methods are effective, commercial building owners should also consider hiring a carpet cleaner or cleaning service to clean carpets. Professionally having carpets cleaned can prevent damage of carpets, especially when an immense amount of dust is gathered. Aside from carpets, having upholstery professionally cleaned as well can assist in removing lingering debris.

Air Filters

Since debris and dirt makes its way through the air during construction, replacing air filters is vital. In mild cases, air filters might just need to be cleaned lightly with soap and water. In a massive accumulation of dirt, air filters will need to be replaced. After a renovation, if air filters are not cleaned, dirt can continue to circulate. This will not only continue to move around dust, it can also cause respiratory issues to arise for occupants.

Professional Cleaning Services

After a massive renovation process, the last situation commercial building owners want to find themselves in is having to clean up the mess. Hiring professional cleaning services can ensure that the clean up process is made easy. At Signature Maids, a team of trained professionals can assist with cleaning post renovation dust. Signature maids will arrive for same-day emergency construction clean up if called before 2:30pm. For more information, contact Signature Maids.