Cleaning Practices for Health Care Facilities During the Winter

The level of cleanliness in your facility directly affects the health and safety of the workers and patients. As winter approaches, it’s important to be cautious when it comes to safety for everyone. But even so, the federal or county regulations require health facilities to maintain top cleanliness.

And this is because of the critical role they play. The presence of dust, leaves, and mud during rainy days, calls for a means to maintain the facility clean. Talking of that, here are cleaning practices for health facilities during the winter:

Surface Disinfection

Health facility surfaces often come in contact with medical instruments, patients, visitors, and accompanying germs. Therefore, you need to disinfect these surfaces to keep everyone in the facility safe.

Also, due to flu outbreaks during winter, frequent disinfection will be handy in preventing its spread in the facility. In addition to disinfecting surfaces, proper disposal of trash is important. Any residue or dust lying around on the floors or surfaces could trigger illnesses.

Protect Entryway

Due to the rain or windy weather, entryways can be wet and or dusty. To prevent accidental slip and fall, you need to protect this section of the facility. And one of the ways to do this, buying anti-slip safety mats for the entryway. Also, it must be waterproof for effective protection of passersby when it rains. While this applies to rainy days, you must have plans when the weather is windy and dusty.

Deep Cleaning Floors

Just like touching surfaces, the floors should also receive the same treatment. It’s the nastiest place contaminated by both spills and foot traffic. Therefore, you need professional cleaning to thoroughly de-contaminate it. Through their services such as floor care, concrete scrubbing, and steam cleaning, no dirt or germ will remain behind.

And since the rain or dusty wind can create a mess outside, it’s important to clean the floors regularly. This will create a lasting impression on your visitors and patience. Also, it will boost their perception of the quality of service in your facility.  

Cleaning Windows

Natural light is a luxury during winter in some states in the country, but not in Florida. But even so, you need the windows sparkly clean to take advantage of the daylight. If the in-house cleaning staff are unable to take care of this, contact a cleaning company. They’ll clean the windows irrespective of how high they are. Remember, both indoor window surfaces and outdoor surfaces need a thorough cleaning.

HVAC Maintenance

Due to the constant use of the HVAC system, it will have dust, bacteria, and dander build-up. Therefore, you need to enact a maintenance plan that’ll involve cleaning and decontamination of the HVAC system. Also, changing the air filters each season will help contain the spread of germs via air.

Employees Education

Cleaning and disinfecting the facility will be more effective if your staff receive education on personal protection. It’s important to organize a session for them to learn about various ways to avoid getting ill. Therefore, they must be part of your winter strategy of keeping everyone safe.  Lastly, roll out a sick policy that ensures sick staff isolate and stay home until they recover.

Final Take

With the help of the above strategies, you will enhance the safety of everyone in the facility. And if you need help with deep cleaning, contact Signature Maids. They are master cleaners when it comes to commercial cleaning services. Through their personalized approach, they’ll meet industry requirements and fulfill patients’ expectations. You can also visit their website to learn about their healthcare cleaning services and how they will benefit your facility.

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