Cleaning Your Wooden Cabinets

Grime and grease do not stand a chance if you use these cleaning tips from Signature Maids to maintain your wooden cabinets. Kitchen cabinets have a high tendency to get dirty easily. Maintaining your wood cabinets doesn’t have to be a tedious task when you know all the different cleaning methods to maintain cleanliness in your attractive wood cabinets.

Cleaning Methods for Wooden Cabinets

Commercial Cleaning Methods

Commercial cleaning methods utilize soap as a cleaning agent. One popular cleaner for wood is Murphy Oil Soap. This is a specialized soap to help clean your wooden kitchen cabinets in a cost-effective and eco–friendly way.

Cleaning Greasy Cabinets

You can use a solution of vinegar mixed with warm water. Add this mixture to a spray bottle in equal parts to clean your cabinets easily. Use a soft cloth to wipe the grease stains that remain on the cabinets. This home remedy is effective and can help you clean wooden cabinets easily and at an affordable cost. You can use any dishwashing detergent with vinegar to clean greasy cabinets. This also cleans grime present on the cabinets.

Basic Steps to Clean Wooden Cabinets

You can use a soft cloth or a wet sponge to clean the exterior of their kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawers. A little effort is needed to remove heavy spills and splatters from your kitchen cabinets.

Carefully wipe the drawers and door handles without causing damage to them. You can also use a toothbrush dipped in your favorite cleaning agent to carefully scrub the wooden surface of the cabinet. This can help remove all stains from wooden cabinets present in the kitchen. You can use a sponge or soft cotton cloth to remove all possible stains from the cabinets. Always wipe the dry surface of the wooden cabinets with a clean cloth or a towel so that the wood is not damaged.

Stain Removal from Wooden Cabinets

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

Wooden cabinets often get stained from syrup or other sticky substances stored in them. You can use a combination of vinegar and salt to clean these stains with the help of a toothbrush. Don’t scrub too hard or use a rectangular steel plate to scrape the wooden surface as you may damage your wood surface. You can rinse the wooden surface with clean water and a dry towel. This will help in maintaining the wooden surface and keeping it clean.

Baking Soda – A Cleaning Agent

You can also apply baking soda to the spills and scrub them with the help of a sponge. This will help get rid of sticky stains. Baking Soda also acts as an effective cleaning agent to remove stubborn stains from kitchen cabinets and maintain their wooden finish for years to come.

Deep Cleaning Services

Greasy and dirty wooden cabinets require cleaning methods to give them a clean and spotless look. Maintaining clean kitchen cabinets allows the homeowner to maintain a welcoming as well as hygienic and healthy kitchen. This keeps family members and friends safe from illness and infection which can come as a result of unhygienic kitchen surfaces. Clean wooden cabinets also help keep pests like rodents and insects away. You can use a variety of cleaning methods to clean wooden cabinets, keep your kitchen beautiful, and maintain appropriate hygiene standards in your home. Home remedies can also help to clean kitchen cabinets. Better yet, use professional services, like those from Signature Maids to get deep cleaning for your kitchen cabinets in your home. You can count on the expert team at Signature Maids to clean your wooden cabinets and allyour home to the highest standards. Deep cleaning effectively cleans your kitchen cabinets with the help of specialized cleaning solutions and processes to maintain the beauty of your wood cabinets.

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