Create A Healthy Environment with Signature Sanitize

Create A Healthy Environment with Signature Sanitize

As the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, businesses and homes are seeking ways to maintain a healthy environment for customers, employees, visitors, and loved ones. At the beginning of the pandemic, Signature Maids introduced Signature Sanitize to help everyone return to normal while staying safe. Signature Sanitize is a professional grade Disinfecting and Sanitizing service designed to combat the spread of virus, bacteria, and disease. The service is fully customized and open to residential and commercial customers.

Signature Sanitize delivers sanitization and disinfection treatments which are tailored to each unique business, office, classroom, organization, vehicles, or home. The entire procedure is touch-free and kills 99.999 percent of viruses and bacteria. The process, performed by Signature Maids trained technicians, uses electrostatic atomizers to deliver an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved disinfecting solution known as Vital Oxide to the entire space including all major touchpoints as well as hard to reach spaces where contaminants can hide. Following the Signature Sanitize Treatment, the entire space is disinfected and sanitized.

Vital Oxide features state-of-the-art sanitization technology, eradicating 99.999 percent of bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, mildew, and more. Included on the list of pathogens killed by the Vital Oxide treatment are COVID-19, Pneumophila, Norovirus, Swine Flu (H1N1), Legionella, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), just to name a few. The ionized, EPA-approved disinfectant requires no rinsing because it leaves no residue on your surfaces. The process is touchless, which reduces the risk of classic spray and wipe cross-contamination.

The Advantages of Signature Sanitize Treatments

The touch-free electrostatic atomizer treatments from Signature Maid’s Signature Sanitize Service helps residential and commercial customers ensure the safety of all who enter their homes, businesses, or organizations regularly. The process is ideal for homes, businesses, schools, churches, restaurants, gyms, manufacturing and distribution facilities, hospitals and medical sites, retail establishments, and vehicles used for transportation, vans, buses, ambulances, and more.

Vital Oxide, registered by the National Science Foundation (NSF) (D-2) is a no rinse required food contact surfaces’ sanitizer, proven to eradicate 99.999 percent of foodborne bacteria like listeria, e-coli, salmonella, and others in under 60 seconds. In addition, Vital Oxide is an EPA approved hospital disinfectant, proven to destroy a number of viruses and bacteria while not propagating the evolution of “superbugs.”

As well as eradicating pathogenic bacteria and viruses, Vital Oxide also eliminates from pets, dust mites, cockroaches, and more. It is also proven to eradicate mildew and mold, as well as spores, and promises residual protection for up to seven months. The Signature Sanitize Treatment also rids spaces of repulsive, widespread odors caused by garbage, smoke, septic systems, and more. In pet care facilities like veterinary clinics and boarding facilities, the process promises to neutralize urine/fecal odors, while remaining safe for pets.

Signature Sanitize Disinfection and Sanitization Service delivers as an antimicrobial for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems including air ducts, effectively eliminating bacteria as well as fungi (mold, mildew, and more) and other microbial pollutants to provide the best air quality for your employees, customers, and residents. On top of that, Vital Oxide has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is safe for nearly all surfaces – from natural stone to carpeting.

Schedule Signature Sanitize Service Today and Create a Healthy Environment

Signature Sanitize with Vital Oxide successfully disinfects and sanitizes homes and businesses, schools and churches, and more – killing bacteria and viruses, eliminating allergens, fungi, and odors. Call today and schedule your Signature Sanitize Disinfection and Sanitization Service for a healthy, fully disinfected environment to keep everyone who visits your home, office, or organization safe. Call today and discover the benefits of Signature Sanitize by Signature Maids.