Do Not Forget to Clean These Kitchen Spots

Want to be meticulous when cleaning your kitchen? Well, you can be. However, there are prime spots that you often neglect unknowingly. While your kitchen countertops, floor, dishes, and sinks, are sparkly clean, these places are always left out:

Upper Surface of the Range Hood

Without a doubt, you never forget to clean the inside of your range hood. And the same applies to your cooker or stove surfaces. However, the upper surface of the range hood is always left out. With time, it becomes a magnet for dust and grease that escapes the exhausting vents. As such, you should use dish soap and clothes to clean it up from time to time.

Toe Kick

The toe kick is another potential spot with all kinds of dirt. Created to create comfort while working on the countertops, they provide refuge for dust, spills, and food crumbs. During cleaning, we rarely remember to target these spaces. As such, you should scrub this spot occasionally.

Inside your Microwave

Well, you can always ignore or forget to clean your microwave inside, but not for long. It will reach a point where the grime and stink are too unbearable. But why let the situation escalate to that point while you can handle it sooner. Just take a glass bowl, pour in water and lemon juice then heat it until it boils in your microwave. This will loosen up the dirt and make it easy to wipe.

Ceiling-Height Cabinets

Ceiling-heights cabinets provide more room for storage. However, cleaning them is always a challenge. Requiring a ladder or stool to reach them plus a significant amount of time to clean, we often ignore them. But even so, you need to reach over and clean its surfaces occasionally to prevent dirt buildup and pest infestation.

Cabinet Interiors

Cleaning the cabinet interior is not something you can just think and do. It requires proper planning and enough time. And because of that, many people avoid cleaning them. While it can be a back-breaking cleaning task, it’s important to spare time and wipe them clean. Remember, these spaces’ major problem are dust and food crumbs. And if you continue neglecting them, they may attract pests like bugs and rodents.

Cutlery Drawer


Filling the freezer with food supplies is an easy and satisfying task. While it’s the last place to find a mess, they do have. Spills and food crumbs get trapped in the ice generating a strange scent with time. Therefore, you should clean the freezer a few times annually to empty the mess.

Below the Oven

How often do you remember to clean below your oven? Well, this is one of those spots in the kitchen with the highest concentration of dirt. From spills to dry and greasy food pieces, there are all kinds of dirt below your oven.

To clean these surfaces well, experts recommend reaching out with a cleaning piece of equipment. But why bother struggling with the dirt below the oven? Well, they’ll foster the growth of pests and mold, which are great health concerns.

Getting Started

At last, you can now achieve the squeaky clean result you desire in your kitchen. After handling all the above top spots, you’re now near perfection when it comes to cleaning your kitchen. However, to achieve total cleanliness, you need to deep clean your kitchen.

And here is where Signature Maids come in. They’ll thoroughly clean your home allowing you to spend your valuable time on other pressing matters. With that said, reach out to Signature Maids to help you with your cleaning needs.

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