Five Daily Office Cleaning Tasks

Keeping your office clean is an integral step toward creating a healthy and risk-free working environment. Also, it helps limit the spread of illnesses in the office like COVID-19, flu, or cold. Daily cleaning is also helpful in lengthening the lifespan of pieces of equipment and furniture in the office. And in the long run, this cuts the cost of maintenance. That said; let’s have a look at five daily office cleaning tasks:

Daily Cleaning Tasks at the Office

These are absolutely minimum cleaning tasks that are meant to keep the office clean. Besides cleanliness, they improve the sanitary state of your office. Also, they target both personal and communal spaces in the office. Talking of communal, such areas include the break room, lobby, bathroom, and work spaces (office/cubicles).

Cleaning Floors

Floors tend to get messy daily due to foot traffic. Further, it’s among the filthiest surfaces in the office. And that’s because foot traffic from outdoors brings in all kinds of dirt and germs. From dust during summer to mud in spring, tons of filths get into the office through our shoes.

In addition, break hours contribute to the messy floors. Snacks and spills land on the floor during mid-morning and lunch hours. Also, paper wastes, staple pins, waste bin spills, and ink spills contribute to the mess. As such, not cleaning the floors daily will create a messy office appearance that can repel important clients.

On that note, daily cleaning can help alleviate this problem. Mopping and vacuuming the floors daily for example can maintain the floors clean throughout the week.

Wiping and Disinfecting Door Handles, Baseboards, Light Switches

Door handles, baseboards, and light switches receive the highest rate of contact daily. As such, they are a potential host for bacteria, germs, and viruses. For the health and safety of your task force at work, wiping and disinfecting these surfaces is essential. It will not only improve their glow but prevent the transmission of diseases through contact.

Emptying Trash Cans

When do you empty trash cans at the office? Well, when they over feel, they can ruin the office presentation and send a wrong message. Depending on what you’re dumping in those bins, it can quickly turn into a health hazard. Further, messy trash cans can attract and harbor pests in the office.

And even if the entire office is sparkly cleaning, overfilled trash cans can ruin the aesthetic appeal. Therefore, besides daily emptying of trash cans, also create a routine of emptying them once it’s full during the day.

Wiping and Disinfecting Surfaces

Wiping surfaces prevents the buildup of dust which is a common problem in office spaces. After dusting, you can disinfect the surfaces to prevent the transmission of diseases. The best spots to start are those with higher traffic like the desktop, printing area, lobby counter, and others.

Also, disinfect personal and public pieces of equipment like a touchpad, mouse pad, and keypad. Due to the higher rate of contact, they tend to host germs that could spread throughout the entire office.

Polish Brightwork

Brass, glass, and bright finishes in the office are great for complementing and improving aesthetic appeal. However, they’re only so in their polished state. Therefore, create a daily routine of cleaning and polishing these highlights in the office.

Final Take

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