Helping Your Kids Get and Keep Their Rooms Clean and Organized

Kids often means messes. Toys, electronics, books, snacks, drinks, and clothes can mean more cleaning for you. Kids love their things and playing is a part of childhood. The issue arises when they forget to pick up after playtime is over, leaving messes all over, particularly in their rooms. Of course, you can turn that around and teach you kids as they grow up how to keep their rooms clean as well as organized. Here, the Signature Maids cleaning team provides tips for you and your kids to get and keep their rooms clean and organized. It’s all a matter of creating an easy cleaning routine and provided the needed storage for each child’s room.

Cleaning for Kids’ Rooms

Teaching your kids to clean when they are young is the key to helping your kids keep their rooms neat and tidy. Even toddlers can get involved in cleaning by learning to pick and put away toys, books, and more after play. Little ones, though they can’t make a bed perfectly, can learn to put the comforter in place each morning. Remember, as you teach you kids cleaning routines, not to expect perfection, but appreciate effort. Establishing expectations from an early age will help your children understand what is expected and help your home stay clean, decluttered, and orderly.

As you children get older, at elementary school age, give specific direction for your cleaning expectations. Don’t be broad in your request, but specific, like, “Put your books on the bookshelf” or “Put your blocks in their container.” Creating a chore checklist can help children known exactly what is expected, and they can check off the list as they go. Children’s chore list can use pictures or words, depending on the age of your kids.

Young or older children can learn to dust and even wipe down the bathroom, with older children taking on tasks like vacuuming, and thoroughly cleaning the bathroom. Always remember to give your children a time frame in which to complete their cleaning tasks and once they have completed them, don’t redo the ones which aren’t perfect, instead offer praise for a job completed.

Don’t forget to regularly declutter, getting rid of toys and other items, which your kids no longer play with or use. Decluttering will make the task of cleaning easier for you and your kids.

Organizing for Kids’ Rooms

Once the room is cleaned, let the organizing begin. You’ll want to have storage for all the items your children treasure. Storage can be bins, baskets, bookcases, crates, totes – quite simply whatever works for you and your family. Bookshelves are great for storing books, puzzles, electronic games, and more. Tiny treasured trinkets can make their home in nightstand or dresser drawers, while books can be stored in a basket at bedside for the child who likes to read. If your child is into Legos®, bins, large and small are the ideal solutions to add order as well as accessibility. Baskets are great for smaller toys like cars, trucks, doll accessories, and so on.

Family games and cards can be stored on bookshelves or in bins, baskets or totes with the latter making the perfect and portable choice for families who enjoy a game night in the family room or on the deck. Even electronic game controllers can have storage spot, whether it be a crate, bin, or basket. Bins, baskets, totes, and crates are often the best for organization, not only do they keep items picked up and organized, but the containers can be put away, and out of sight in closets and under beds if needed.

And remember, should you need help with cleaning and decluttering at your house, Signature Maids is ready to help!

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