How Clean Are Your Floors?

We all know the benefits of having a clean floor. It can be quite magical due to the kind of transformation it provides to our living space. And that’s why you need your floors clean all the time. But how do you know whether your floors are clean? Well, try out the following tests. They are simple and require no budget. Let’s start:

  1.    The Leg Test

The leg test is very simple and quick in providing results, whether they’re desirable or not. First, remove whatever is on your foot and step down. Walk around the entire area you suspect to be dirty for a quick dirt test. Thereafter, lift your foot and check whether the bottom is still clean or not. If it’s dust or dirt-free, there is no need for cleaning, however, if you notice dirt, it’s time for floor cleaning.

  1.    Looking Test

A clean floor needs to be sparkly clean. It has to be shiny with no traces of particles lying over it. Therefore, if you notice dull patches on the floor even though it looks clean, consider cleaning them. Alternatively, you can consider the following tips to confirm whether your suspicion is right.

  1.    Touching Test

Now, this is a simple test that requires the use of your finger. Just reach out to the floor with your finger and drag it across. Does your finger come up with dust or does it feel sticky when you run it on the floor? If you notice this because you’ve not cleaned the floor for a while, it’s about time you clean it up. However, if you feel this after cleaning the floor, then the problem might be sticky detergent residue. And if left that way, it may stick more dirt on your floor.

  1.    Wiping Test

When it comes to this test, get a paper towel and mist it a little. While it’s still damp, wipe the floor and then check how it looks. Oftentimes, the floor may appear clean yet it’s not. But through the wiping test, you can clear your doubts and decide the next step to take.

Frequency of Cleaning your Floor

To maintain your floors spotlessly cleanly, you’ll need a cleaning schedule that addresses the size of foot traffic. Like business premises, homes also have specific areas with the highest traffic than others. Such areas include the dining area, kitchen, entryways, bathroom, and hallways.

After three days, you need to clean these areas through vacuuming or sweeping. Also, you need to plan for weekly mopping of the floor. And even though mopping eliminates all the dirt, regular vacuuming is still essential for maintenance purposes. It will eliminate the dirt that piles up from outside as you walk in and out of your house. Also, it prevents floor damage as a result of grit or dirt particles rubbing against the floor as you walk. While most people claim they are masters of floor mopping, they often forget to rinse afterward with clean water. As a result, the floor remains sticky and accumulates more dirt due to detergent residue.

Getting Started with Floor Cleaning

From the tests, did your floor fail in some of them? Well, this indicates a need to clean the floors. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ve to be the one cleaning it. If you have a busy day at work or just want to relax, contact home cleaning services. In this case, Signature Maids are the best pick.

While routine cleaning will maintain the floor surface clean, they’ll ensure even pores are dirt-free. Yes, you’ve heard that right. Signature Maids have the best cleaning equipment, supplies, and team to ensure your floor is spotless.  Whether it’s general dirt or tough stains, they’ll restore the beauty of your floor.

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