How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Steam Cleaned

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Steam Cleaned?

South Florida carpet cleaning services can help prolong the life of your carpets by preserving their look, feel, and texture, while also reducing or eliminating set-in odors and stains.

The average busy and bustling household should have their carpets professionally cleaned twice a year to maintain clean carpets that last for many years to come. Every home gets a different level of traffic and accumulates dust and dirt at a different pace. Having your carpets professionally cleaned two times a year might be way too much, or it might not be enough. Even more important than any specific timeline is the ability to spot the signs that your carpet requires professional carpet cleaning.

5 Signs Your Carpets Need To Be Professionally Cleaned

The exact frequency your carpet needs to be cleaned varies based upon the type of carpeting, the amount of traffic it gets, and how soiled it becomes over time. Some signs that indicate the need for steam cleaning including:

#1. One Stain Keeps Reappearing

You noticed a nasty stain on your carpet, so you went to work cleaning it and as you scrubbed you watched with satisfaction as it disappeared. The next day you noticed the stain was back again, so you went to work cleaning it up… and then, the very next day, there it is again, just staring at you, taunting. Now what? Reappearing stains require professional carpet cleaning services.

#2. Your Carpet Has Lost Its Fluffy Look

Regular traffic smashes carpeting down and the dirt trapped within fibers keeps them held down. Eventually, carpeting starts to resemble a flattened cardboard box as opposed to a plush surface you want in your home. This flattened and un-fluffy appearance is a sign that carpets need to be deep cleaned. After cleaning carpet fibers, they should fluff back up.

But, at a certain point, the carpet is no longer salvageable. We are happy to asses your carpeting and let you know if steam cleaning will help, or if carpeting needs to be replaced. Regular cleaning helps prevent carpet from becoming so flattened down that it needs to be prematurely replaced.

#3. There’s Dust Trapped Inside

If a lot of dust enters your home through open doors and windows it is possible for your carpets to host pounds, literally pounds, of dust and dirt. If you notice big puffs of dust coming up out of your carpeting when you vacuum, or when you hit it with the flat palm of your hand, it’s time to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

#4. Your Carpet Has A Funky Odor

If your carpet smells stale or musty it needs to be professionally cleaned. Odors signify a buildup of impurities and possibly even mold spores, which can make you sick.

#5. Your Carpets Are Not Looking So Good

If your carpets have lost their original color or texture, or simply appear dirty right after you vacuum, it’s time to deep clean surfaces.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Your Carpets Regularly Cleaned By A Professional?

Vacuuming and spot cleaning does not constitute as deep cleaning carpets. A number of nasty bacteria and mold spores can survive and thrive even if you vacuum every single day.

According to research conducted by Philip Tierno, Jr., Ph.D., a microbiologist at New York University Langone Medical Center, your carpets could be teaming with as many as 200,000 bacteria per square inch. In other words, there’s an entire world of bacteria living within your carpets and the only way to get rid of them is with professional carpet cleaning services.

Some forms of nasty bacteria commonly found in household carpets include:

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA): This penicillin-resistant bacteria is especially common in households with athletes or occupants that regularly go to the gym. The nasty bug is commonly found in gyms and commonly gets brought home on clothing, shoes, and gym bags.

MRSA loves cuts and can jump right in. A healthy person can carry MRSA for years and not even know it. It leads to red bumps that are painful and get worse with time, leading to fever and rashes. Certain cases of MRSA remain untreatable and can even lead to death.

Campylobacter: Most common in the winter, this type of bacteria can lead to bloody diarrhea, stomach pains, and fever in young children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems.

Fungi and mold: A few different types of fungi and molds live in carpeting, some of which cause allergies and can even be life threatening in the most serious cases.

Norovirus: These bacteria cause nasty stomach flus, and can survive on your carpets for as long as 4-6 weeks just waiting to infect you.

Micrococcus: This type of bacteria is known to cause skin infections, septic shock, meningitis, and even death.

Trusted Carpet Cleaning In South Florida

You don’t have to let uninvited bugs and bacteria live in your carpet and make you and your family sick. We are here to help you fight back and reclaim your home from microscopic intruders, as well as nasty carpet stains and odors! We offer a variety of carpet cleaning services that can restore the look, color, and texture of dirty carpets. Contact us today to get a quote.