How to Help Your Cleaning Service Prevent Accidents in Your Home

How to Help Your Cleaning Service Prevent Accidents in Your Home

No one is exempt from accidents;  they happen to everyone. One of the goals of the professionals at Signature Maids is to prevent and avoid accidents while cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting your home or business. Signature Maids does so by avoiding the use of chemicals which are harmful to humans and pets, and can damage furnishings and floorings if not used properly. In addition, the Signature Maids team works hard to provide exceptional customer service, answer questions, and build positive relationships with clients. Signature Maids offers expert cleaning, but accidents do occasionally occur. Let’s see how you can help prevents accidents from happening as well as how Signature Maids handles issues if, on the off chance, they do occur.

Helping Your Cleaning Service Prevent Accidents 

Here are some tips on keeping your property and belongings safe and helping your cleaning service do the same. It all starts before your first cleaning session.

  • Check Your Home. Before any professional cleaning service comes to your home, confirm that items hung on your walls and in your home are secure. This includes pictures, mirrors, clocks, towel racks, clothes racks, and any wall hanging items. Make sure every wall handing is secure and hung properly. Also check your blinds, shades, and window treatments to ensure they are attached and anchored correctly. In addition, if you have an item of significant value (priceless or sentimental) please move it to safe location or make your cleaning service aware so they can avoid handling it unnecessarily. The more your cleaning service knows, the easy it is to avoid accidents.
  • Provide Special Instructions if Needed. Like making your cleaning service aware of items of special or significant value, there are other areas about which you need to keep your service informed. If you have an alarm system in your home, your cleaning team will need to know how to operate it and know what to do in case it is accidentally set off during a cleaning session. Pets are another area of concern, and your cleaning service will want to keep your pets safe while cleaning your home. Let your cleaning team know any areas of concern before they begin and they will work with you to avoid potential issues.
  • First Visit Concerns – The Deep Clean. When you schedule regular cleaning services, your first visit will likely begin with a deep clean to help make the ongoing services more effective. This may mean moving furniture and other items to ensure a complete, thorough cleaning. Sometimes this means items may not be returned to exact positioning on the first visit, though they will on subsequent visits as your cleaning team becomes familiarized with your overall layout. 

When The Unexpected Happens

When you choose Signature Maids as your professional cleaning service, you can expect honesty and transparency. If issues or accidents occur, you can expect the team at Signature Maids to address your concerns quickly. In fact, if a problem arises or an accident occurs, you can count on Signature Maids to let you know – first with a message from your cleaning team which is followed up by a call from the office and a visit from management. Signature Maids will see that the problem is rectified or the damage is covered financially. If an issue or problem goes without Signature Maids notice, please contact the office and express your concern, as Signature Maids guarantees complete customer satisfaction and will work to resolve any issues to your satisfaction. Call on the professional cleaning team at Signature Maids today and discover the Signature Difference.