How to Keep Your Daycare Clean

Being in charge of daycare has a fair share of challenges you have to handle daily. And being a facility where kids play together and interact, keeping it clean is essential. Every surface and play toy in the classroom and play area has the potential to host germs. Therefore, there’s no other option but to clean and disinfect the facility for the health and safety of the kids.

With that said, running the center is a constant struggle and battle with germs. However, when you have the right cleaning supplies, and checklist at hand, it’s something you can manage. Where the cleaning or disinfecting is beyond your expertise, there’re professional cleaners to engage. Let’s start:

Organization is Vital

Let’s face it, the amount of cleanings you need to carry out daily to maintain your daycare germfree is enormous. But with the right organization, managing each task will be quite simple. To begin, you need a list of all the cleaning tasks to handle.

Thereafter, split these tasks into various categories, preferably, according to the frequency of cleaning. For instance, you can have daily chores set aside, as well as weekly, monthly or seasonal cleaning. Also, you can compile all the tasks that need professional cleaning. Preparing a schedule for all the cleaning tasks will help with the organization and maintenance of your facility clean.

That said, here’s a checklist to help you with keeping your daycare clean:

Ongoing Cleaning Tasks

  •    Empty trash cans
  •    Use disinfecting wipes during and after changing diapers
  •    Clean the potty chair, diaper changing table, and disinfect them afterward
  •    Clean toilet handles, and seats. After using them, disinfect them before the next person gets in
  •    Clear debris and foods from the sinks
  •    Clean up the play area after use
  •    Disinfect the toys before the kids interact with them again
  •    Clean dishes after use
  •    Wipe clean the dining area after use and clear out all the food debris.

Daily Cleaning

  •    Wipe and disinfect toys after the kids use them
  •    Washing used linens
  •    Scrubbing toilets and cleaning bathrooms
  •    clean the sleeping pads, linens, and mats
  •    Disinfecting light switches, doorknobs, cabinet handle, computer, and telephone
  •    Clean kitchen countertop, floor, sinks, and empty trash bins

Weekly Cleaning

  •    Bookshelves and books
  •    Stuffed toys and dress-up clothes
  •    Clean cubbies
  •    Deep clean of craft areas and art supplies
  •    Deep clean the center’s van or car
  •    Deep clean the entire kitchen
  •    Deep clean toilets and bathrooms
  •    Clean beyond the reach surfaces
  •    Deep clean:

o   Food preparation surfaces, and pieces of equipment you use including utensils

o   Kitchen cabinets, fridge, oven, microwave

  •    Check the expiration date of food items and beverages

Monthly Cleaning

  •    Deep clean curtains, blinds, and windows
  •    Deep clean:

o   Closets, shelves, containers, storage area,

o   Pieces of furniture

  •    Fix drains and plumbing issues

Professional Cleaning

  •    Deep clean:

o   hardwood floors and also polish them

o   kitchens, and bathrooms

o   upholstery, carpets, places with dense traffic

  •    Clean AC, and air ducts to improve air quality
  •    Eliminate stains on upholstery, walls, carpets, and surfaces
  •    Deep clean grout to prevent bacteria, mildew, and germs from building up

Getting Started

Most of the cleaning and disinfecting chores you can handle with your in-house staff. By following your schedule, you won’t have to worry about the health and safety of the kids. However, when it comes to deep cleaning or professional chores, you should leave that to cleaning experts. Contact Signature Maids and they’ll handle this for you.

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