How to Keep Your Home Safe During Flu Season

Dealing with the flu virus is not something simple. While taking a shot of the flu vaccine can help out, personal protection is also handy. It’s one way you can avoid contracting this illness in the first place. However, our daily interactions at work and home don’t make it easy to avoid the path of this virus. But, through following tips on how to keep your home safe during flu season, you can tame its spread.

Disinfect Surfaces and Objects

According to research, this virus can survive on the surface for more than a day. Therefore, when someone is ill in the house, it’s important to disinfect the surfaces and objects for safety. Further, focus on the ill person’s bathroom and bedroom where they might have had multiple contacts. Using antimicrobial products while wearing protection, clean those places.

Isolate an Ill Person

To contain the spread of this virus from person to person, it’s important to isolate those sick. And this is because when they sneeze, talk or cough, they can contaminate surfaces and infect people six feet away.

Since the germ is also spread via contacts, touching contaminated surfaces is one way you can get this illness. And that’s why isolating an ill person is crucial in stopping the spread of this illness in the household. It limits surface contamination and person-to-person spread.

Bathroom Tips

A shared bathroom is a potential place for getting the flu if any of the household members have it. Therefore, it’s important to adhere to the following bathroom tips to avoid catching the flu from someone else:

o   Use bathroom disposable cups

o   Isolate the toothbrushes

o   Avoid sharing bath towels or hand towels, especially with a sick person

o   Use paper towels for hands instead of clothing

Lower Thermostat Temperature

Ever wonder why hospitals are chilly when you walk in? Well, it’s because germs cannot multiply and spread fast in a cool environment. Similarly, you can apply the same treatment at home to contain the spread of flu if someone has it.

Clean Kids Toys Regularly

Whether you prefer a dishwasher or laundry, don’t forget to clean your kids’ toys regularly. And the same applies to your pets’ toys as well.

Wash Your Hands

Create a handwashing tradition in the household. As grownups, you can wash your hands every time you are outside. Also, it’s important to do the same if you have contact with an ill person. If you have kids, you can make washing hands a fun routine.

Create a chart if possible to serve as a reminder of the different times they need to wash their hands. Daily, there’re at least several instances when kids need to wash their hands for health safety.

Rely on EPA-approved cleaners

Going by Environmental Protection Agency recommendation, choose one of the antimicrobial cleaning products on their list. What’s more, it’s important to read and adhere to the instructions of each product for effectiveness.

And while cleaning your surfaces regularly can reduce the spread of the flu, avoid. And this is because some of these antimicrobial products can be irritating to your nose, eyes, skin, and throat.

Final Take

Regular disinfection of the house is handy in controlling the spread of flu in your household. But once in a while, the entire house needs general deep cleaning. Through thorough cleaning, you’ll be able to reach those hidden surfaces that might harbor the flu.

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