How to Make Your Home Appear Cleaner

How to Make Your Home Appear Cleaner

Is there anything worse than receiving unexpected company or having guests over, only to find that your house is in disarray? We have gone through it as well. Therefore, we will discuss some tips to help you with your cleaning.  

5 Tips for a Clean House

Start with the Basics

People will likely enter from the direction of the hallway and continue. Pay attention to the area where they are most likely to spend their time, while also following the guests’ paths to make sure you see everything they will see.

You should clean the tables, toilet, and television in the guest room immediately upon entering. These types of surfaces accumulate dust, making your house appear less clean than it is actually. 

Nothing is more disgusting than a dirty bathroom in another person’s home. Before anyone arrives, give the place a good cleaning, even if all you have to do is splash bleach in the toilet, wash out the sink, and give the mirror a quick wipe down. 

Even if there are a few dusty spots in the bathroom, a clean bathroom suggests you’re on top of things. You should spray a disinfectant that smells nice after you have cleaned the counters in the kitchen and bathroom. 

Remove the Visible Junk

The process of putting some sense into the clutter will make a huge difference even if you do not have time to sort it through. By stacking things by size, you can see how it’s organized. If you can’t put everything in the right place, put it in a cupboard and deal with it later. 

Organize your belongings into room-specific baskets, to make things easier by placing everything where it belongs. The best way to give it the illusion of organization is to stack things like remote controls, books, and other random things in size order.

The Chores in the Kitchen

The simplest way to make your kitchen look tidier is to clean out your dishwasher when you have dishes you need to put away. Another way to make dishes look organized is to stack them according to size if you do not have a dishwasher. 

The oven can be used to keep food after guests leave if it’s gross-looking and they need some time to steep before being washed. You should only turn on the oven a second time after you remove them from the stove.

The Floor

You can instantly feel the place feeling cleaner with a quick hoover, even if you run around the place. Is Hoovering too time-consuming for you? You can take up most of the dust with a wet kitchen roll pushed around with your feet.

As soon as guests arrive, simply turn off the vacuum and say, “You caught me in the middle of cleaning! In case of an unanticipated event, you can be excused this way.

A Light Scent

Make sure to spray the rooms where your guests will be staying the most. It imprints a positive image on guests.


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