Increase Your Home’s Value With a Little Investment

Whether you are considering a move and preparing to sell your home, or you are simply trying to increase the value of your home, there are number of ways to do so. Major home renovations are quite costly, and may leave you wondering if the cost can be equated to added value. The truth is home renovations are not created equal, though there are some well worth the investment. On top of that, there are changes you can make with only a little investment to make your home more valuable.

Renovation Smart

If you chose renovation – you’ll want to choose renovations that are smart – increasing your home’s value with renovations which appeal to nearly every homebuyer. This is especially important when you are hoping to sell your home and the goal is to make homebuyers and their families see themselves in what is now your space. These smart renovations don’t have to break the bank, in fact, there are a number of smaller renovations that add big value to your home. Here are some ideas to keep your renovation smart!

  • New Kitchen Countertops – Granite, Quartz, and other natural stones are on trend and even if you aren’t planning to move – offer great benefits.
  • Fresh Paint – Choosing neutral, trendy colors can open up your space and make it inviting to your family, your guests, and potential homebuyers.
  • Revive Landscaping – Trimming, weeding, and raking can help as can putting down a new layer of fresh mulch and planting seasonal flowers.
  • New Ceiling Fans and Smart Thermostats – both can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Clean Effects

Keeping your home clean and decluttered always adds value, especially when you are in the market to sell. Consider starting with your closets and getting rid of clothing and other ‘saved’ for later items taking up valuable space. Use the keep (items being worn and in use), toss (worn out items – even favorites), donate (still in good condition, but not in use), and sell (an alternative to donation, but make sure you have the time) method. Not only will you make your closets nicer for you and your family, if you are attempting to sell, you’ll make them look spacious enough to accommodate your potential homebuyer’s items.

After the closets you need to clear the clutter from the rest of your home. Once the clutter is gone, organize the items you kept. Not only will you become more efficient in your newly organized space, but it will be easier to keep your home clean. And as a bonus, potential buyers will be able to envision themselves in the clean, organized space. If you are in the market to sell, now is the time to ‘stage’ your home to attract potential buyers.

Finally, keeping your home clean, organized, and in good repair is key to increased home value. Of course, renovations can help, but a clean, decluttered space can go a long way and require little investment. If you need help getting started on cleaning and decluttering your home, call on the professionals at Signature Maids to help you get the job done expertly in no time at all! From closets to windows, carpet cleaning to whole home cleaning – Signature Maids is ready to help.

Whatever you decide, make sure the improvements you make work for you and your family, after all you are the ones enjoying your home right now. And even if you are planning to sell, you will still be living life in your home until you do!

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