Is Your Commercial Building Really Clean?

Is Your Commercial Building Really Clean?

As more employees head back into the workspace, employers might find themselves wondering if their space is really clean. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, employers have had to re-consider their office cleaning and organization methods. While a building might look good from the outside, it might not be as clean as employers think it is on the inside. Perhaps, it is the pandemic making everyone hyperaware of cleanliness, but as the year continues, it is essential to provide a clean space for all to enjoy. If you are a commercial building owner seeking ways to keep your building clean, consider the following.

Trash Cans

When it comes to items that are last on the cleaning list, it is generally taking out the trash. Depending on the type of trash can and the frequency it is used, taking out the trash can be often overlooked. If a trashcan does not look filled or messy, the task might be put off until the next day. However, looks can be deceiving. When the trash is not emptied regularly, trash piles up in a quick manner, especially if an individual has a lot to throw away. If a trashcan is filled and not taken out, complaints of overfilled messy trash areas or not being able to throw away trash might begin to pile in. Checking around the ensure trash cans are emptied and properly cleaned every day can ensure that all are happy. Taking a quick look around the building is a great place to start. Plus, if a trashcan is dirty, other issues such as smells can occur.


Dust tends to be the lingering allergen that can cause workers to sneeze and cough. In the era of COVID-19, perhaps this is not what you want happening in your building if it can be prevented. Dust can infest a commercial building and hide in unreachable areas. A large amount of dust can even be harmful to employees if they have respiratory issues. Quick places to check for dust that might be overlooked are the top of fridges, printers, shelving, etc.


An overlooked but the big culprit for storing dust and dirt is flooring, especially carpet. In heavy traffic areas, bacteria can be ingrained and grow in flooring. If not taken care of properly, mold can grow, especially during the summer months. While vacuuming is a good weekly solution to take care of dirt pile-ups, it is not effective for getting rid of mold. Commercial buildings should undergo carpet cleaning annually, especially if their building is heavily populated.


Depending on how big a commercial building is, there can be plenty of kitchens. While kitchens are supposed to be the cleanest room in a building, this can often be false. There are plenty of areas in a kitchen that gets overlooked. Kitchens are often used to store, prep, and warm up food for lunchtime. However, in a matter of minutes, unexpected and overlooked messes can occur. Consider the crumbs that unintentionally fall into cabinets and opened drawers. How about the crumbs that fall in between creases of counters? Aside from keeping up with flooring and dusting the area thoroughly, there are quite a few overlooked areas in a kitchen. While one tiny crumb that falls to the floor can seem harmless, how about many that begin to accumulate? Ensuring that every inch of a kitchen is cleaned weekly can avoid any issues such as rodents.

Signature Maids

As a commercial building owner, you probably do not have time to go around a commercial building yourself to clean it. At Signature Maids, a team of trained professionals assists with cleaning needs to improve commercial building appearance. For more information, contact Signature Maids today.