Keeping Hospital Facilities Cleaned During Flu Season

Keeping Hospital Facilities Cleaned During Flu Season

Cleaning is not only necessary for keeping personnel and patients comfortable in a healthcare facility, but it is also one of the most important responsibilities for the facility’s overall health and safety. Rather than just emptying trash cans and dressing exam rooms, you should focus on healthcare cleaning services. Additionally, it is critical to hire professionals to provide cleaning and disinfection services, as well as to ensure fresh odors and a clean and healthy environment for your patients. Here are tips for hospital cleaning during the flu season.

Coming Up with Cleaning and Disinfection Plan

During the flu season, cleaning and disinfection plans are important considerations for hospital facilities to help prevent the spread of germs. The flu virus can live on surfaces for a few hours and proper cleaning can minimize it. Whether you are contracting cleaning services or have in-house janitorial staff, it is imperative to implement a comprehensive cleaning plan to help make sure all parties understand their responsibilities. A plan should outline what will be cleaned, materials and techniques to be used, and the frequency of cleaning.

Disinfect High Touch Areas

The flu is a community-based infection that spreads through the air in droplets that can be picked up from an object or surface and spread to the eyes, nose, or mouth. High-touch locations such as door handles, rails, and counters should be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized on a regular basis to prevent the virus from spreading. Personal workspaces such as cubicles or desks, computers, keyboards, mice and mouse pads, and phones should also be disinfected regularly to maintain healthy and productive staff. 

Cleaning Frequently

When it comes to mitigating the flu virus, there is no room for error. Especially in hospitals where it is a safe haven for people that have fallen victim to the illness. When flu season hits, extra precautions must be taken, beginning with routinely cleaning examination rooms and waiting rooms. These are rooms that have the highest probability of coming in contact with the flu virus. Keeping them clean is imperative.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

Disinfectants and wipes products are both practical and efficient ways to kill germs. For safety and effectiveness, you must use the right cleaning agents. Therefore, make sure the cleaning technique is based on the level of cleaning you require. In addition, each surface has its own cleaning requirements. It’s critical to apply the correct disinfectant while cleaning those surfaces so that hazardous germs and bacteria are kept at bay.

Deep Clean the Bathroom

During the flu season, germs and bacteria can cause a lot of problems. Therefore, it is critical to clean the restroom frequently due to the ease with which bacteria and fluids can transmit. Viruses can live in bathrooms for up to a week or more. Keeping a bathroom clean requires cleaning the surfaces daily paying special attention to surfaces of the toilet, sink, tub, and faucets, and handles. Deep cleaning should be done weekly to prevent infections and illnesses from spreading.

Hire Signature Maids Cleaning Services

Flu exposure is a problem in any facility, no matter how big or small. Hiring the experts at Signature Maids can help lower the likelihood of a seasonal flu breakout in the hospital facilities. It is essential to hire professionals who can offer appropriate cleaning services, a well-drafted program, and germs-killing agents. At Signature Maids, we strive to serve you with our services. Call us today to learn more about how we can assist your facility in improving the overall environment, reducing risk, and preventing illness.