Keeping Public Spaces Clean During the Winter

Irrespective of the size of your facility or establishment, the public spaces are the toughest to maintain clean. And this is because of the least control you have over the people using those spaces. Speaking of spaces, these include the hospital reception area, hotel lobby, and elevators, among others.

While that’s so, it’s still crucial that you maintain these spaces clean. Being the first place your clients sets their foot on when they visit; it pays to create a lasting impression. Further, clients associate the hygiene level in these areas with the rest of the areas in your facility/ establishment.

For instance, your patience may associate the mess in the reception area with the services and conditions of rooms. As such, they may choose not to try your hospital services. And the same applies to other establishments. Fortunately, we’ve got effective tips for keeping public spaces clean in your facility or establishment during winter. Let’s start:

  •    Special Attention for Open Areas

Note down the open area in your facility and pay special attention to them when it comes to cleanliness. Such areas may include balconies, patios, rooftops, pools, and entry points. And this is because they’re areas susceptible to weather elements.

As such, they may get dirty quicker and ruin the reputation of other clean spaces in your establishment. Therefore, organize a regular cleaning routine for these areas that will maintain them clean.

  •    Hire Professional Services

Hiring professional cleaners is handy if you want to maintain the public spaces clean during winter. They’ll not only help you clean the spaces perfectly, but also advise you on an effective cleaning routine. Through their professional assessment, they’ll identify the source of the mess and provide ways to handle it. Therefore, reach out right away and provide your public spaces with the best cleaning treatment.

  •    Create Self Cleaning Spaces

Ever heard of self-cleaning spaces? Well, this is one of the effective ways of keeping public spaces clean during the winter. But how do you create such spaces? Well, it’s simple, what you need are trashcans set within the reach of people. This will prompt everyone to dispose of trash in the right place instead of littering the floor.

Please note, whichever system you employ, must be convenient and easy to use. And this is because, the more accessible they are, the more likely they’ll be in use.

  •    Right Timing

There’s a lot to be done when it comes to cleaning public spaces. To avoid causing chaos and inconvenience to users in these spaces, timing is important. First, you need to assess the amount of traffic that the place receives. If it’s a place that serves people at specific times of the day, then schedule cleaning when they’re not there. However, if it’s a place with 24 hours of foot traffic, then an assessment will be great.

It will help you establish when the traffic is highest and when it’s least. As such, you can schedule cleaning when there’s low traffic to reduce the amount of inconvenience. ‘Cause, after all, you don’t want the place to remain in a state of mess. While there are instances when cleaning is best at night, you need to have a night cleaning crew.

Final Take

Are you concerned about how to create a lasting impression when it comes to cleanliness? Well, reach out to Signature Maids and this won’t be a problem anymore. They’ll advise you on the right tip to follow, and also come in handy by providing professional cleaning services. Most importantly, they offer a personalized cleaning package in case your facility or establishment needs special cleaning.

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