Keeping the Bedroom Clean

Your bedroom is your haven, your escape, but making it feel that way means keeping it clean and organized. Of course, this is no small task, with your busy lifestyle filled with work, family, and friends. Never fear, at the end of your difficult day, your bedroom can be that haven of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation you want it to be – orderly and unencumbered, a sanctuary for you.

To achieve the goal of  a tidy and organized bedroom, all you need is a simple plan for keeping the bedroom clean. And with this plan, you can create a peaceful, calming space that actually stays clean! Here’s how:

Decluttering Your Bedroom

Step one involved keeping your bedroom decluttered. If you are one of those people who use your bedroom for storage – today is the day to change that – no more boxes, no more junk! Purge your bedroom environment, clearing out the clutter, and finding an appropriate storage space, or even better selling, donating, or tossing what you don’t need. If you find you do need to utilize your space better , consider some under bed storage boxes or closet organizes to make the most of your space, but keep only the items you truly need and use.

Next up are the tables, dressers, nightstands, and chest of drawers where you probably lay mail, magazines, and other paperwork.  Keep all the bedroom surfaces cleared of clutter, limiting them to  the necessary items – a lamp, medicine, a jewelry box, a charging station, etc. By decluttering your bedroom, you’ll also make cleaning easier.

Put Clothes, Shoes, and other Wearables Away

Now that the decluttering is done, work on keeping it that way by putting away clothes, shoes, and other wearables like belts, purses, jewelry, etc. Enact a strict no clothes on the floor policy. When you remove your clothes at night, hang up items which can be worn again, and toss those that need laundering in the hamper. Also, put away your shoes, and always put away your clean laundry (remember it shouldn’t be stacked atop the chest of drawers!)

Cleaning Your Bedroom Effectively

Start by, weather permitting, opening your bedroom windows to let in some fresh air. You’ll want to wash your sheets and pillowcases weekly to keep them clean and fresh. Dusting is key to keeping your room tidy, and you’ve made the job easier because you’ve removed all the clutter. Use a soft microfiber cloth for furniture and electronics, and a dusting wand to clean blinds, window sills, ceiling fans, and artwork. Next, vacuum at least weekly, more often if you have pets who share your space. If you have hard wood floors in your bedroom, you want to sweep, dust, or mop them according to manufacture’s recommendations. During your weekly cleaning, use disinfectant wipes to clean doorknobs and switch plates. And last, but not least, empty the trash can, bin, or basket.

While not on the weekly cleaning schedule, there are a few more cleaning tasks you want to as the season change year round. Clean your windows to keep the sunlight flowing in freely.

Next up, you’ll want to strip the bed and launder the comforter, quilt, shams, dust ruffles, and mattress covers. While the bed is stripped, now is the ideal time to clean your mattress. If you can, take your mattress outside to air it out. If that’s not a possibility, you can use a cleaner created for mattresses to gently clean, without soaking, your mattress. And, if you don’t have time for deep cleaning, sprinkle a thin layer or baking soda over your mattress and vacuum later just before returning the linens to the bed.

Implementing these helpful bedroom cleaning tips will make your bedroom into the sanctuary you need for rest and rejuvenation. Remember, should you need help with cleaning the bedroom or your whole home, the team at Signature Maids is always ready to assist you!

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