Reducing Allergies in the Office

Allergies are caused by allergens that are harmless for most people. Only allergic people suffer from the effects of certain allergens.  Allergies can be divided into many types. Pollen allergies are common among some individuals. Some cannot bear the high fragrance of perfumes and the list goes on. At the office, you have to interact with different people and goods so it is very important to keep your workplace safe from allergies. When employees are not able to work properly due to different allergies it affects the reputation of the office. Workers become less productive and are not able to submit the work on time.

Causes of Allergies

First of all, it is incredibly imperative to find out the factors through which allergies are caused. Here are the most ordinary reasons behind indoor allergies:

  • Carpets
  • Chemicals including adhesives and solvents.
  • Resins
  • Molds
  • Pollens
  • Perfumes
  • Humid Air
  • Smoke
  • Dander of pets
  • Insects especially cockroaches

You can use the following methods to make your office allergy-free.

Duties of Workers

Employees play an important role in reducing allergies at the workplace. They must avoid the habits that can become the reason for irritation and illness for others. Workers should not be allowed to smoke on the four walls of the office. They should also avoid using high fragrances. Bringing pets should be prohibited.

Ensure Basic Cleaning

Basic Cleaning means everyday cleanliness. Make sure that sweepers sweep in every corner regularly. They should do the dusting of furniture and other materials daily. There should be no dust on the windows. Dust particles are the common stimuli for intriguing allergies.

Advanced Cleaning

The act of vacuuming and cleaning can make allergies airborne, increasing allergy problems. During allergen cleaning, disposable dusters are essential for trapping and removing particle accumulation on horizontal surfaces such as door frames, shelves, and cabinet tops.

HEPA filters, which capture allergens, should be used in vacuum cleaners. Using a wet mop, soak up allergens on surfaces and floors until they are flushed away. Do not use cleaning products with strong odors or those that may cause allergic reactions, such as ammonia.

HVAC Basic Service

HVAC systems can also reduce allergens. The ductwork should be cleaned regularly to remove allergens. When the filters become blocked with larger allergens, they need to be replaced. A thorough inspection of your HVAC system should be performed and an HVAC maintenance calendar should be followed. Recognize and repair issues that may cause HVAC failures.

HVAC Advance Service

Air purification and exchange units are common components of modern HVAC systems that have also proven effective in reducing allergens. Your office’s air is refreshed by outside air. Conserving energy helps keep your costs low because these exchangers economize on heat and cool.

Air purification units are sometimes included in HVAC systems. Electrostatic filters capture particles while ultraviolet lamps disabling allergens may also be used on these purification units. For an effective reduction in workplace allergens, keep your system’s filters and ultraviolet lamps maintained.

After Thoughts

It can be difficult for office janitors to clean such heavy ventilators or equipment by themselves sometimes and it can even be dangerous if they don’t know what they are doing. Hence, we recommend you clean them with professionals.

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