Seasonal Cleaning Tips

As the seasons’ change, so should our cleaning habits. A lot of time is spent in a different part of the house. The easiest way to stay on top of cleaning tasks is simple. Stick to a cleaning schedule. Your daily or weekly chores play their part in keeping a neat living space. A good deep clean is important. Over time, surfaces accrue dirt, dust, bacteria, and dead skin cells that surface cleaning cannot eradicate. Adopting a seasonal deep cleaning schedule makes work easier knowing the mess has been tacked at the core. To keep things efficient, here are some cleaning tips to help you know what you should be cleaning at different seasons.

Spring Cleaning

As you switch from fleece-lined parkas to breathable cotton tees, spring emerges with unpleasant pollen. This causes allergies and all they entail. With all the time spent indoors during winter, you will want to clean away that winter build-up. You can’t control nature but you can minimize your exposure in the following ways.

  • Move lighter clothes to the front of the closet. Reorganize your closet, by tucking away the heavy winter coats and replacing them with lightweight clothes
  • Clean the fireplace and remove ashes
  • Wipe down ceiling fans. Clean and spray the ceiling fans to clear away dust. This ensures that the air in your home is clean and fresh.
  • Clean the rugs and couches.
  • Disinfect crown moldings and baseboards.

Summer Cleaning

Hello, sunshine. Brighter skies and longer days translate to picnics, hiking, bike rides, and beach trips. The surge in activities outdoors requires products that keep our bodies and skin protected, sunscreen, and mosquito repellant. More sand, more perspiration, and more natural elements mean a lot of focus on the bathroom.

  • Organize and purge medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers
  • Dust and clean all the surfaces.
  • Disinfect and scrub the toilet.
  • Wash windows inside and outside.
  • Change the air conditioning filters.
  • Clean drapes. Clean and remove dust on delicate fabrics with a vacuum.

Fall Cleaning

The fall season comes with pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and colorful leaves. Fall is a prime tie for dirt and mud. You may discover a huge amount of dust from leaving all the windows open during summer. It is an even better reason to roll with a vacuum. The holidays are around the corner so you have to stay prepared.

  • Reduce the clutter in the freezer and the fridge. Get rid of anything you don’t use or have expired and make room for the upcoming holiday meals.
  • Wipe and disinfect the fridge doors and drawers.
  • Organize the kitchen drawers and cabinets.
  • Scrub the oven for better cooking and baking.
  • Clean and change the beddings for the toastier comforter and sheets.
  • Clean the mattresses by removing bacteria, dust, and germs.

Winter Cleaning

Jackets and blankets are now at the forefront of the closet. There is nothing like cozying up on the couch with hot chocolate or coffee. To stay in stride with winter season demands, it is less about cleaning and more about preparation.

  • Rearrange the closets to move jackets and scarves to the front of the closet.
  • Clean dryer vents.
  • Wipe down light switches and disinfect door handles.

Hiring a Cleaning Service

Our house cleaning services cover every inch of your home, it doesn’t matter which season it is. We can invigorate your kitchen, freshen your bathroom, and restore your bedroom to make sure you have the clean, fresh, and beautiful home you deserve. Signature home residential cleaning service gets deep into the corners and rid your home of any germs, bacteria, and dust. We make sure to leave your home both healthy and spotless. Contact Signature Maids today for more information.

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