Signature Sanitize and The Latest COVID-19 Wave

Signature Sanitize and The Latest COVID-19 Wave

As COVID-19 continues to rage around the country, business owners are fighting back with new sanitization procedures to ensure their companies can stay open, serve customers safely, and survive the latest COVID-19 wave. While the ongoing pandemic will likely subside as vaccinations roll out, the way business is done may continue to be influenced well into the future. Establishing safety measures for your business as recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as well as other federal, state, and local authorities is the first step to ensuring, not only the safety of your customers but your employees as well. As changes are made to the ways you do business, it is equally important to train employees in new operating procedures and be financially responsible so your business survives and thrives in the future. Signature Maids offers these tips on keeping your business going strong in the latest wave of COVID-19.

Financial Responsibility and Sound Decision Making

As you strive to keep your business thriving and your employees on the payroll, continue to regularly evaluate your company finances. Keep funds set aside in the event of another wave, and see that your business is sufficiently staffed. If your business have come through the pandemic with little to no financial losses, consider giving back in support of your employees or community members who were not so fortunate.

The Supply of Essentials

Every business requires essentials to function. While paper products and cleaning supplies have always been essential to business operations, now PPEs (personal protective equipment) and hand sanitizer have been added to the list of essentials. These products are now readily available, so consider stockpiling (not hoarding) a reasonable supply of essentials for your business’s continued operational success.

Assess and Adjust the Way You Do Business

For some businesses, a shift to remote work was the solution during the worst days of the pandemic. If your business made the shift successfully, now is a great time to assess the benefits of doing so, and adjusting the way you do business in order to keep your employees most productive. You will likely find some staff members eager to return to their offices while others may want to continue working from home. As you assess the changes, adjust as needed, adding enhanced remote services, software, and equipment, flexible schedules, and additional training in ways that make sense for your business.

The Newer, Safer Standard Operating Procedures

You’ve likely seen numerous changes to standard operating procedures designed to keep customers and employees safe. As you implemented safety guidelines according to the latest information provided by federal, state, and local authorities (CDC, FDA, OSHA,, your state and local government’s websites), safety protocols likely changed in your business. For example, you added physical distancing, face coverings, PPEs, hand sanitizer, barriers, monitored employee health, and implemented more frequent cleaning. These safety changes to your standard operating procedures mean additional training for your employees to ensure everyone follows the latest safety guidelines. In addition, you likely found the need to ensure employees are cross-trained in various aspects of the business in the event someone becomes ill and needs time to recover. Training your employees, from safety procedures to business operations ensures crucial roles can be filled in the event of illness from the latest wave of COVID-19.

Enhanced Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing from Signature Maids

To help you keep your customers and employees safe in the latest wave of COVID-19, call on Signature Maids to deploy Signature Sanitize in your business. Signature Sanitize is a unique cleaning process which employs the latest technology (electrostatic atomizer) with an EPA approved disinfecting solution known as Vital Oxide (proven to eliminate 99.999 percent of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19). Call today and discover how Signature Maids’ Signature Disinfection and Sanitization Service can help you keep your business safe for your employees and your customers during the latest wave of COVID-19.