Signature Sanitize Keeps Your Business Operating Safely During the Pandemic and Beyond – Here’s How

As the community continues to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic safely, Signature Maids continues to provide Signature Sanitize services to keep your business operating safely now and into the future. Signature Sanitize, a customized disinfection and sanitization service keeps employees and customers safe by providing a fully sanitized facility, offices, or classrooms for your organization, company, or school. Plus, Signature Sanitize can also be effectively applied to transportation including fleet vehicles, buses, and more. The process offers touchless application of Vital Oxide (an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved disinfecting solution) by Signature Maids trained technicians. Using electrostatic atomizers, the application disinfects and sanitizes your space including hard to reach areas.

Signature Sanitize, a state-of-the-art disinfection and sanitization technology, utilizes Vital Oxide, which is proven to kill 99.999 percent of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19,Legionella, Norovirus, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Swine Flu (H1N1), Pneumophila, and more. In addition, Vital Oxide effectively eliminates allergens, mildew, mold, and other contaminants. The Signature Sanitize process delivers ionized Vital Oxide, which means no residue on your surfaces and no rinsing required. The entire application is touchless, reducing the risk of cross-contamination which comes from traditional spray and wipe cleaning methods.

The Advantages of Signature Sanitize for Your Business’s Safe Operation

Signature Sanitize keeps your business or organization operating safely for your employees, clients, customers, colleagues, and all who visit your space regularly. It is the ideal solution for businesses,medical facilities and offices, manufacturing facilities, schools, restaurants, churches, gyms, and recreational facilities, as well as vehicles used for transportation for these organizations including fleet transportation, vans, buses, ambulances, and more.

Vital Oxide is without volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which may result in health problems in humans but has been proved to eliminate a variety of viruses and bacteria. As such, Vital Oxide is an EPA approved hospital disinfectant and cleaner which does not further the proliferation of continually evolving “superbugs.” Vital Oxide is a no rinse required food contact surfaces’ sanitizer registered by the National Science Foundation (NSF) (D-2) and proven to kill 99.999 percent of listeria, e-coli, salmonella, and other foodborne bacteria in under 60 seconds. Able to eradicate mildew and mold, as a prevent spores, Vital Oxide delivers approximately seven months of residual protection against these contaminants. Plus, Vital Oxide also eliminates allergens effectively including dust mites, pet dander, cockroach allergens, and more.

The Signature Sanitize process is safe on nearly every surface from upholstery to carpeting, to marble and more! In addition, the process along with Vital Oxide eradicates persistent, disagreeable odors from smoke, septic systems, garbage, and more. In veterinary settings and other facilities providing pet care, the process is safe and gentle while powerful enough to neutralize urine and fecal odors.

Signature Sanitize Disinfection and Sanitization Services also promises a safe and effective antimicrobial for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems and air ducts. It efficiently eradicates fungi (mold, mildew, and more) and bacteria while eliminating other microbial contaminants from HVAC and air ducts thus ensuring greater air quality for your employees and customers. Finally, the Vital Oxide application by Signature Sanitizepromises to successfully eliminate odors, kill bacteria and viruses, on all your soft surfaces – like window treatments and vehicle interiors. Simply stated, Signature Sanitize keeps your business operating safely.

Call on Signature Maids

Call on the trained technicians at Signature Maids and reap the benefits of Signature Sanitize Disinfection and Sanitization Service for your business or organization. The Signature Maids team is ready to help you keep your business or organization operating safely for your employees and your customers. Set up your appointment today and schedule your Signature Sanitize application for the promise of a fully sanitized space.

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