Starting the School Year Off Right With Cleaning Services

Starting the School Year Off Right With Cleaning Services

As the school year comes rolling back in and more students are back to in-person instruction, there is a lot to get done before the first class is in session. In the weeks leading up to a school year, teachers and administrators are everywhere trying to get prepared. Everyone is anticipating the countdown and anxiously getting agendas prepared after a long summer break. With halls still being empty, summer is the perfect time to attend to deep cleaning tasks and check off the maintenance list. To ensure a school is ready to welcome back students, hiring a cleaning service can assist in making the process smooth. Here are a few tips when considering what needs to be cleaned in a school:

Write it Out

While mental lists are fun and most individuals will swear to remember what they need until they forget, writing a list out will ensure accuracy. To know what needed to be done in the weeks leading up to the first school bell, creating a list and plan can prioritize tasks.

Floor Cleaning

A priority on a cleaning list should be flooring. During the year, flooring receives an immense amount of heavy foot traffic that carries in dirt and other debris from the outdoors. Floor cleaning is essential to avoid a disruption in the upcoming school year since allergens can be trapped in the carpet. A buildup of dirt can also cause respiratory issues that will not allow students to stay focused. At the end of every school year, a build-up of dirt and sand can be immense. Conducting deep carpet cleaning annually can improve classroom conditions and make carpet long-lasting.

Deep Clean Restroom

Yes, the most dreaded task might be the cleaning of restrooms, especially in schools. However, it needs to be done. Cleaning in these areas includes areas in restrooms and locker rooms. After a year of use, a buildup of gunk and dirt can accumulate. If these areas are not cleaned deeply regularly, then it can be more difficult after a whole year. Summer is the perfect opportunity to get into the dirty areas while school is still out. A cleaning company can assist in cleaning drains, grout, walls, stalls, vents, and lights.

Staff Lounge

While students might be messy, staff can be too. The staff lounge is where employees go multiple times a day, sometimes in a rush or during meals. When staff is moving quickly in and out, messes can occur. Coffee can be unknowingly splashed and crumbs can fall all around. Staff can also bring in dirt from the outdoors. While regular cleaning might be conducted, deep cleaning is essential.


While playrooms are most common in elementary schools, they are essential rooms to ensure are cleaned. Students often hand over toys to each other and touch whatever they can see. From building blocks to books, germs can quickly accumulate. Teachers may conduct weekly or even daily cleaning tasks with these items, but with an immense amount of items and areas that need to be cleaned, is it enough? Playrooms should be cleaned regularly, but if it has been a while, then it is essential to get into every inch of these rooms to disinfect items before the next school year begins.

Signature Maids

While cleaning can seem like an overwhelming tasks months or days before students arrive back on campus, Signature Maids has you covered. Offering tile, group, and carpet cleaning services, be prepared for all areas to shine. Disinfecting services can ensure that a school is ready for the school year. For more information, contact Signature Maids today.