Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer Cleaning Tips

Summer is the perfect opportunity to compile a cleaning list. With a multitude of items that need to be cleaned, you might be asking yourself where to start. While some items might need to only be slightly cleaned, some need to be deep cleaned. To make your home clean and sparkling during the summer, consider the following:

Clean the Air Conditioner Filter

How often do you clean your air conditioner filter? If the answer is every few years or so, then you might have a problem. An air conditioner can obtain an immense amount of dirt and dust that becomes easily accumulated. When this occurs, allergens can spread easier around a home. Those with allergies can suffer the most and become ill. While some may have only minor symptoms, others can have severe allergy attacks. If you are noticing yourself or anyone in your home having severe allergy symptoms, ensure to check the air conditioner filters as the culprit might be a build-up of dust.

If you do clean your filters frequently then summer is a perfect time to re-check them. Air conditioners can become easily clogged with a build-up that can make a system not work as well or even break. The last thing any homeowner would want is a home that is stuffy and warm during the summer heat. Filters can be easily cleaned. Rather than putting the chore off until the winter, ensure your air conditioner is prepared for the rest of the season.

Wash the Windows

When it comes to tedious chores, the top one is washing the windows. While everyone loves sparkling windows free of smudges, it can be a bit more tricky to clean windows. This chore takes time, especially since more smudges can appear in the process. However, when the sun is shining, summer is the perfect time to clean windows inside and out. If it has been a while since you cleaned your windows, consider grabbing some cleaning materials and getting started.

Clean the Patio

During the summer, who wants to spend their days indoors? When the sun is shining everyone wants to be outdoors enjoying the day. A patio is the perfect outdoor setting to gather with friends and family over the summer. Whether the grill is on or the kids are enjoying their playdate, clean up your patio and create a comfortable lounge area.

Ensure to take off any moss in the area with a bleach and water mixture. This will assist in getting rid of the moss and clearing your patio. If you have patio furniture, ensure to organize it properly. While dust can accumulate on any cushions, vacuuming or washing any possible materials is beneficial. Creating an ultimate clean and cozy patio will create a mini paradise at home.

Clean the Drains

Do you ever smell a strong stench coming from within your drains? If so, it might be rotten food. During the summer, food spoils faster, which means that the smell will also become overbearing. Cleaning the drains and garbage disposal in the hottest months to ensure that food is clear and goes from the disposal can ensure a smell does not overwhelm your home. Some drains can be easily cleaned by simply pouring a solution of vinegar and baking soda down the drain. Allowing this solution to sit for a few minutes before pouring boiling water down the drain can remove the issue. If the smell persists, this can be done every other week.

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