The Signature Sanitize Solution

The Signature Sanitize Solution

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the country, Signature Maids delivers with Signature Sanitize – a safe and effective disinfection and sanitization solution. Signature Maids’ Signature Sanitize Service provides premium professional grade disinfecting and sanitizing treatments to help you safeguard your home as well as your business, organization, or transportation services. Signature Sanitize Treatments feature the application of an EPA-approved hospital disinfectant, proven effective in killing 99.999 percent of viruses and bacteria, by Signature Maids professional technicians. The application process utilizes the latest technology in electrostatic atomizers to deliver coverage to every surface in your home, office, or vehicle with the goal of providing the assistance needed to the community in the battle against the spread of contagious viruses, bacteria, and their accompanying diseases.

The Signature Sanitize Solution is a touchless process, while covering your space entirely, including high-touch points and hard to reach places. Vital Oxide, the EPA-Approved Disinfecting and Sanitizing solution have been proven kill, with near 100 percent effectiveness, including dangerous viruses and bacteria like COVID-19, Legionella, Norovirus, Pneumophila, H1N1 (Swine flu), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), and more, as well as eliminate allergens, mold, and mildew. Following application, the ionized solution doesn’t leave a residue, which means most surfaces require no wiping thus lowering the risk for cross-contamination, unlike the usual spray and wipe cleaning techniques.

Understanding the Effectiveness of Signature Sanitize

The Signature Maids’ Signature Sanitize Service delivers the effective disinfecting and sanitizing solutions you need to ensure the safety of all who enter your home or business. Even as the COVID-19 is distributed, safety guidelines will likely remain in place as everyone returns to a more normal way of life. Businesses, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, gyms, manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, churches, and all organizations will have to continue safety protocols and Signature Sanitize can help keep all your spaces safe with the Vital Oxide Electrostatic Atomizer process. Here’s how:

  • As an EPA-approved hospital disinfectant, Vital Oxide has been proven to kill 99.999 percent of viruses and bacteria while not increasing the creation of mutant “superbugs.” In addition, Vital Oxide has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which have been shown to cause human health issues.
  • As an National Science Foundation registered (D-2) sanitizer, Vital Oxide is classified as a “no-rinse” required no rinsing is required food contact surfaces’ agent” proven to kill 99.999 percent of food born bacteria like listeria, e-coli, and salmonella in under 60 seconds.
  • Vital Oxide kills mold and mildew, and prevents spores, with an estimated residual effect of up six months or more.
  • Vital Oxide gets rid of allergens – dust mites, cockroach allergens, pet dander, and more. It is even safe for use on pet bedding.
  • Vital Oxide is also safe on most surfaces including carpeting, upholstery, window treatments, marble, granite, and more, effectively sanitizing both hard and soft surface, killing viruses and bacteria, and eradicating unwanted odors (trash, urine, fecal, smoke, septic, cooking, etc. ) as well.
  • As an antimicrobial, Vital Oxide is effective in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems as well as air ducts for eradicating bacteria, fungi, and more, while eliminating microbial contaminants to improve overall air quality in your business.


Call on Signature Maids

Keeping your home or business, safe and sanitized, is crucial not only for the health of your family, employees, and customers, but for the greater community as well. When you are ready to have your space clean, disinfected, and sanitized, call on the team at Signature Maids and set up your Signature Sanitize appointment. Applying the EPA-approved Vital Oxide solution with electrostatic atomizers delivers a completely disinfected space designed to keep everyone safe.