What to Expect at Your First Signature Maids Service

What to Expect at Your First Signature Maids Service

If you are considering house cleaning services, what is stopping you? Most might believe house cleaning services are expensive, but it is actually more affordable than you think. You also avoid spending your weekends cleaning instead of relaxing and enjoying time with family and friends. When you finally decide to turn to house cleaning services, a massive weight will be lifted off your shoulders. Your family will love that you have extra time to spend with them when you hire professional cleaning services to get the job done for you.

When choosing to turn to house cleaning services, work with Signature Maids for efficient services provided just for you.

Customized Cleaning Services

Prior to arrival, Signature Maids will discuss your personal cleaning needs. If you are not sure of what exactly you would like cleaned, create a list. Signature Maids will gladly assist in any way they can to accommodate your cleaning desires.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Did you know moldy tiles can cause health issues? It’s true, plus mold or stained grout can your rooms unappealing. At Signature Maids, they clean the tile and grout until it is sparkling and looks new. When it comes to cleaning flooring, backsplashes, and countertops, the professional team at Signature Maids has got you covered. If you attempted to clean grout plenty of times before but lacked success, it is most likely due to the use of store-bought products. Signature Maids’ professional tools and products can ensure accuracy without damaging any surfaces.


In the era of COVID-19, sanitation is vital. At Signature Maids, the team cleans and sanitizes sinks, countertops, and all surfaces. Homeowners can expect to come home to spotless countertops and shiny appliances. They even clean inside microwaves and ovens.

Glass Cleaning Surfaces

Cleaning windows can be a tricky task, but Signature Maids gets the job done. They go around your home and spot-check every glass surface to ensure it is spotless. If your windows are dirty, they will clean inside windows and window seals.

Carpet Cleaning

If you choose to request carpet cleaning services for your first maid service, Signature Maids will ensure clean and quality results. Dirty carpets can take away from a home’s value. All carpets need cleaning at some point, especially in the areas that are commonly used. Are you beginning to notice dirt on your flooring that is not picked up with a vacuum? If yes, it is time for your carpet to be cleaned. Signature Maids’ professional equipment assures a deep level of cleaning.

Additional Services

Signature Maids is the one-stop-shop for cleaning. They also offer many additional services including cleaning stove burner grates, cleaning the fridge exterior, washing and putting away dishes, sweeping and mopping, scrubbing showers, toilets, and sinks, dusting ceiling fans, and more. They will even take care of the most dreaded chores, such as cleaning the baseboards and removing cobwebs. If your trash is full, they will even take it out and replace the bags. To remove any excess odor, they spray deodorizer in rooms. Homeowners can expect every surface of their home to be clean and fixed up properly. When you need last-minute services, call before 2 p.m. and Signature Maids will provide same-day cleaning services.

Why Signature Maids?

With over ten years of experience, we offer high-quality services, including house cleaning, power washing, carpet cleaning, and more. We strive to serve you with our services. If clients are ever unsatisfied, we will push to make it right at no extra cost. At Signature Maids, we provide customers with high satisfaction and affordable prices. For more information, contact us today.