Where to Declutter in a Home

Are you feeling overwhelmed due to the amount of clutter in your home? Well, you’re not alone. If you’ve not been putting some items in their respective places for some time, then knowing where to start can be a puzzle. Further, knowing where to Declutter in a home is an enigma on its own. In this article, there are all the pieces of information you need. Let’s start:

There are major zones in your home that need decluttering ASAP. And to make the process easier, it’s better to start with a specific spot as you progress to others. In this case, your bathroom will be the best point to start.

But before that, get the following containers:

Donate: Items to donate to charity or individuals

Trash: Things you should toss away

Mend/ Fix: This you love but need repair before you use them

Recycle: for recycling materials like glass, plastic, and paper

Put Away: Thing that should be in storage


Begin with the medicine and make-up cabinets. Take out everything you don’t need including expired drugs, outdated makeup, and other products you’re not using. Thereafter, move to your drawers. Remove what you don’t need and leave behind the essentials. In the shower area, do the same. Remove supplies you don’t use. Meanwhile, use your containers to separate the items you’re moving out from these spaces.

Your Bedroom

It’s often the place with the most mess because it’s a private space. For starters, make the bed. The sight will become a great motivation when decluttering the bedroom. Thereafter, proceed to the nightstand where you can remove things that don’t belong there.

Next, declutter the bureaus, chests, and dressers. Now at this point, pay close attention to clothes and shoes. Anything that you don’t wear, need repair, or need tossing; use the right decluttering containers for that.

Work on Closet

Now, it’s time for your closet. In this case, avoid tackling every item in the closet at once. The process will become overwhelming. Instead, target one type of item at a time. For instance, you can start with the boots, normal shoes, dresses, shirts, trousers, until you’re done.

After sorting out the items in the closet, it’s time to remove what you’ll not need. And thereafter, store every time in their respective places.

Declutter the Foyer, Mudroom, and Entryway

You may or may not have a Foyer or Mudroom, but you do have an entryway in your house. To make these places functional, decluttering them regularly is important. You can start with the desk, console, side table, or other pieces of furniture in these places. Remove any items that don’t belong there and make room for those that do. Thereafter, proceed to declutter the hallway closet.


There are tons of activities that take place in the kitchen. As such, decluttering this space will be a challenging task. To simplify your task, work on items according to categories, for instance – bakeware, glassware, cutleries, utensils, and cutting boards, among others. Thereafter, target the countertops and storage spaces. Lastly, remove items that don’t belong in the kitchen.

The Living Area

Due to frequent use of the living room, it’s also a tough place at home to maintain neatness. Worst of all, this area has a few storage spaces, therefore deciding where to keep items can be challenging. That said, you should set specific places for handy items like books, magazines, and remote controls. Also, assess what doesn’t belong there and remove including toys, gaming equipment, gadgets, and chargers.

Final Take

Now that your space is decluttered, how clean is it? Well, you don’t have to break your back doing home cleaning. Just contact Signature Maids for professional home cleaning. In addition, you can include the home organizing service in your package. After decluttering they’ll help you put everything in its rightful places.

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