Winter Cleaning Guide

The weather in Florida during winter is the best in the entire country. Owing to longer daylight, and warm environment, it’s the best place to be. However, due to the changing seasons, we often bring a lot of dirt to our living space. Whether it’s spring pollen, summer dust, or leaves during fall, they compile and make indoors uncomfortable.

But with the right winter cleaning guide and a helpful team, you can restore the comfort of your home. A clean house has natural warmth, fresh air, and it’s cozy to live in. No plans where to start, here are top cleaning tips you can rely on:

Disinfect the Garbage Can

While you always remember to empty your trash, when last did you clean the garbage can? Well, it’s time to deep clean it among other items in the house. Since part of the time you’ll be indoors, you don’t want built-up bacteria to cause health problems. By cleaning the garbage can, you’ll improve indoor hygiene.

Clean the AC System

The AC system has a crucial part to play during winter. Without it, the house will be inhospitable. Therefore, you need to do regular maintenance to ensure it’s in a great working state. You can replace worn-out or clogged filters with new ones. Clean the coils and wipe the vents. What’s more, examine the system to see if there’s any damage that needs fixing.

Clean Dust in Hidden Spaces

Flu is common during winter. As such, it’s important to do a thorough cleaning and get rid of dust or allergens that may provoke this illness. Unlike the regular dusting, this time you need to reach out to every corner of the house. Further, a regular dusting of your home throughout winter is still essential to prevent dust buildup.

Window Cleaning

It’s Florida, with sunshine and warmth characterizing winter; it pays to have clean windows. You need the window cleaner to maximize the available natural light. Without clean windows, you will hardly appreciate the sunny days. Oftentimes, we clean the inside surface of the window, but this time, you need both sides clean. If you find this hard to do, call professional cleaners to complete this work for you.

Clean Rooms

Spare enough time for the rooms to de-clutter, and organize things to their respective storage spaces. What you don’t need you can donate or throw away to leave your space tidy. If you have kids, look for broken toys and clear them out. Also, you can get rid of toys they no longer need.

And this extends to torn clothes and those that don’t fit. Further, look for interior décor that no longer serves any purpose and remove it. After compiling these items, you can salvage and donate those in good shape. Thereafter, you can dispose of the remaining pile with no use.

After decluttering the entire house, it’s time for general cleaning. Clean the floors, carpets, closets, winter bedding, floors, and fixtures.

Smoke Detector

Clean up all smoke detectors in the room. And as you do so, also identify those broken and replace them. What’s more, you can check if their batteries are good or need replacing.

Final Take

With the help of this winter cleaning guide, you can transform your house into a cozy place to live in. However, it doesn’t have to be a back-breaking task. You can clean each room one at a time until you’re through with the entire house. Alternatively, you can get in touch with Signature Maids, and lay back as they do the heavy lifting. Through their top-notch cleaning services, you will hardly believe it’s your home when they are done.

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