5 Reasons Everyone Can Afford Housekeeping Services

Do you want housekeeping services but wonder if you can really afford a maid? Housekeeping services are often seen as a luxury service for the rich and famous, but you might be surprised how affordable it is to have your home cleaned from top to bottom. In fact, thanks to all the benefits housekeeping services offer, it virtually pays for itself. Hiring a maid frees up so much of your time, allowing you to hang out with your family and friends, or just enjoy some solid ‘me time.’   

Here are 5 Surprising Reasons Housekeeping Services are More Affordable Than You Might Think!


#1. Housekeeping isn’t as Expensive as You Think

People often assume housekeeping services are really expensive, but that’s not true at all. The size of your home largely determines how long it takes to clean, and how much money it costs. It is surprisingly affordable to hire a housekeeper for the average-sized home in the US. See for yourself by giving us a call today for a free estimate!

#2. It Gives You More Time to Spend with Your Family & Loved Ones, The Most Valuable Thing of All

When you hire a housekeeping service, you score hours of extra time to hang out with your family, friends and loved ones. These relationships and the memories you form together are more valuable than anything else, adding riches to your life that far outweigh the joys of dollar bills. 

#3. It Gives You More Time to Make Money

All the extra time you’ll have could also be spent putting in more hours at work. Many self-employed people hire a housekeeper because they can make more money working during those hours as opposed to the cost of cleaning.  Regardless if you’re starting a company, writing a novel, or building an online brand, housekeeping services offer the opportunity to dive deeper into your goals and dreams. 

#4. You Pick How Frequently We Come

You don’t have to hire a maid every single week. It might only be affordable to hire a housekeeper once a month, but even one cleaning is going to make a big difference. You’ll get hours of extra time and you’re guaranteed a deep clean home. Hiring a professional to deep clean toilets, tiles, showers, mirrors, etc., even just once a month, can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home.

One time maid services are a great way to clean up your home in a jiffy, say for instance you have family coming into town… tonight. Lucky for you, we offer same-day cleaning services. Just give us a call before 3 pm.

#5. You Save Money on Cleaning Products & Tools

According to Statistics Brain, in 2011, the average American spent $42 a month, or $500 a year, on cleaning supplies. That means you spend $5,049 on cleaning products every 10 years. And then you take those supplies and you use them to clean, and since time is money, that means you are basically spending even more on top of that!

We bring all the cleaning supplies, vacuums, mops, etc., to you. That means you can save big on household cleaning products and tools.

How Much Time Do People Spend Cleaning House?

On any average day, 85% of women and 67% of men report doing some type of household activity, such as cleaning, gardening, etc. Some people say they spend as much as 20 to 40-hours a week cleaning house, while others estimate closer to 5-hours per week. According to The Bureau Of Labor Statistics, “On the days they did household activities, women spent an average of 2.6 hours on such activities, while men spent 2.1 hours.”

The most important question to ask is: How much time do you spend cleaning each week? Start keeping track of the hours to see how much time you dedicate to cleaning, doing dishes, scrubbing toilets, folding laundry, and tidying up. You might be surprised just how much of your time it’s taking up to maintain a clean home.

There are so many benefits to hiring a housekeeping service, including scoring more free time to do the things you truly care about. Once you figure out how to work it into your budget, there are so many benefits to be gained. Contact us today to learn more and receive a free quote for housekeeping services.