6 Surprising Things Your Guests Notice Right When They Enter Your Home

No matter how many hours you spend cleaning, it’s possible to overlook the things your guests are going to notice right when they enter your home. It’s T-minus 6-hours and you’re scrambling to clean your house before guests arrive for dinner. As you race the clock to clean, it’d sure be nice to know what your guests are actually going to notice. This list is sure to help!

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#1. The Smell of Your House

The smell of your house is close to the first thing guests notice when they enter your home. That first inhale is either met with nice homey smells or nasty smells. There’s a popular commercial airing right now that says something about going “blind” to odors that belong to you, and it’s so true. If you have pets, it’s a steeper task to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, but you can do it. Maid services can help a lot. We are not ‘noseblind’ to odors and have the tricks and tools necessary to eliminate household smells.

#2. There is Pet Hair Everywhere

Shortly after entering your home, guests are going to notice if everything (and that includes them now) is covered in pet hair. It might not bother you to sit on furniture covered in your pet’s hair, but chances are your friends don’t feel so casual about it.

#3. You Don’t Have Basic Amenities

Guests may ask for a cold water, or use your restroom, during which time they are going to notice if basic necessities are available or not. No one should judge you on the scent or brand of soap you employ in your bathroom, but it’s important that soap is there, as well as a clean towel to dry their hands. Oh, and toilet paper, the most important bathroom amenity of all. It’s the little things, that’s all anyone wants.

#4. Cleanliness of Your Bathroom

While guests are in your bathroom using your toilet paper and soap, they are going to notice if your toilet has nasty stains in it, or if the back of the commode is littered in dust and black hairs—enough to make anyone gag. Nasty things like this can occur in bathrooms that have only gone a week or two without a deep cleaning.

When you hire a housekeeping service you never worry about things getting out of hand. After all, it’s not just toilets, the sink is the second place guests spend time in the bathroom, so make sure the handles, countertops and sink basins are clean, and countertops are wiped down and free of clutter.

#5. How Much Clutter Can One House Hold

Our brains detect clutter right away, which means your guests notice if your home is cluttered, even just a little bit. To make clutter worse, it acts as a shield to hide dust and dirt, making it more difficult to clean your house.

#6. A Clean Entryway

The entryway is where your guests enter and exit, it’s the first and last thing they see and it makes a big impression. If your entryway is cluttered, dusty, stinky, or messy, it doesn’t sit well with guests, even if the rest of your home is cleaner or less cluttered.

Quick Tips to Make Your Home More Inviting to Guests

Put Out Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are one of the best ways to spruce up your home. They smell nice, look nice, and catch the eye—making them well worth your while to purchase and put out before guests arrive.

Light Scented Candles

Neutralize odors and let off sweet scents via candles.

Stash Away Clutter

Do what you must to remove the clutter, even if that means stuffing it in a spare closet.

Have Food & Drinks Ready to Go

The moment guests walk into your home, offer them a cold beverage and have some chips and dip or other snack foods set out.

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