How To Clean Your Granite Countertops So They Shine Like New

Knowing how to clean your granite countertops will keep them looking like new year after year. We understand how easy it is to get overwhelmed by the plethora of cleaning products available for granite countertops. When you hire a maid service like Signature Maids, we bring the hardcore cleaning products so you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money buying them ever again. For spot cleaning in between professional maid services, you don’t need any fancy sprays or wipes. Here are a few things you can do to maintain beautiful countertops for many years to come.

Daily Granite Wipe Downs

Start by removing everything off countertops so that you can clean every last inch.

Next, use a dry towel or cloth to wipe down countertops to remove any crumbs or spills.

Mix water and soap in a small bowl

Dip a Nubby washcloth or microfiber cloth in the soapy water mixture and use it to gently wipe your countertops down.

Go back over surfaces with a dry cloth, making sure excess soap and moisture are completely removed.

Granite No-Nos

Never let spills sit on granite, clean them up as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, granite can absorb spills and turn them into stains that are more difficult to remove.

Never use abrasive chemicals or cleaning products on granite countertops. Granite is incredibly durable, but certain chemicals will cause the sealant to wear down faster. Additionally, it can give your countertops a dull appearance.  The worst culprits include acidic cleaners as well as bleach or ammonia.

Never use rough sponges or scrubbing bristles on granite. Using harsh or abrasive cleaning tools can damage the granite and break down sealant over time.

Regularly Seal Granite

Granite is a family favorite countertop material because of its durability and grout-free design. But, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Granite is a porous material so without a quality sealant, it’ll absorb oils, stains, and spills. That’s why along with regular cleaning, it’s important to make sure the sealant on your granite is in good condition and doesn’t need to be replaced.

You can determine the quality of your granite sealant using a simple test. Drop a few droplets of water on the granite and observe it for 5-10 minutes. If the water beads up, your sealant passes the test and is doing its job. On the other hand, if all or some of the water soaks in, it’s time to have your granite resealed.

Steam Clean Your Granite Countertops

If you want to kick it up a notch you can steam clean your countertops. Steam naturally dissolves dirt, bacteria and germs, while giving your countertops a shiny like-new look. Here’s how to do it:

-Start by removing all crumbs and spills so granite surfaces are clean.

-Take your regular steam cleaner, fill up the tank with water, and apply a toweling bonnet to the head of the steamer.

-Plug the pre-filled steamer in and put it on the low to medium setting.

-Before you start cleaning your countertops, hold the steamer over the sink and press the trigger to allow excess water to run off. The steamer should produce hot dry steam when you start cleaning.

– Gently and methodically begin to mop sections of your countertop with the steamer.

-If you notice the cloth or bonnet attached to your steamer is getting dirty, replace it with a new cloth and continue.

-Post steam cleaning, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe down surfaces. Countertops should be completely dry, with no leftover moisture. This is when you’ll really start to see the sparkle glittering through your granite.

-Wipe down and clean the bottoms of accessories, appliances, etc. before placing them back on your freshly cleaned countertops. This will prevent any markings or stains.

The Easiest Way to Clean Granite Countertops

Clearly, steam cleaning your countertops takes time, effort, and an assortment of tools. If you don’t have a steamer on hand, or simply don’t have an extra hour of time to get the task done, there’s an easier way to secure beautiful, shiny and long lasting granite. How? Pay someone else to do it!

Signature Maids offers superior granite countertop cleaning as part of our standard maid services. The best part of all? It’s far more affordable than you think to have your house cleaned from top to bottom. Contact us today for a custom quote!

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