Weekday Easy Cleaning Guide

If your idea of a fun all day activity doesn’t include spending all day cleaning your entire house, you need a plan. You’ll have to lay it out, so your cleaning gets done a little at a time. You’ll need to be proactive and productive to get the job done well. Finally, you will have to focus, know what to do, and avoid getting distracted – easier said than done when cleaning isn’t your favorite project. Let’s get you started with these easy cleaning tips for your home.

Every Day – Make up your bed. With a freshly made bed, you’ll find it harder to toss clothes and papers around your room. As soon as you get the mail, read it, decide whether to toss it or sort it and follow through. When you leave a room, make sure everything is in its place and have everyone in the family do the same. Clean as you go during the day. This age-old wisdom is simple to follow once you get in the habit. It means wiping surfaces as you cook in the kitchen or get ready in the bathroom. Cleaning as you go also means no piling dishes in the sink, but instead washing and putting them away while you cook. Sweep up at the end of the day.

Monday – Get organized. Put away anything out of place from the weekend. This includes organizing drawers, putting clothes back into the closet, and straightening the linen closet. Let Monday be the day you organize the kitchen cabinets, making sure pots, pans, dishes, utensils, spices, and pantry items are ready for the week ahead.

Tuesday – Clean the mirrors and windows around the house that need cleaning. This usually means the mirrors and glass surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen, which get the heaviest household traffic. French doors that lead to the deck, porch, or yard also need more attention. As you are working on the mirrors and windows, be sure to check the blinds. The won’t likely need cleaning every week, but dusting then regularly means less taking them down for deeper cleaning.

Wednesday – Do the laundry. If you set aside one day for laundry and get everyone on board, you’ll find laundry day becomes more manageable. Don’t be afraid to delegate sorting, folding, and putting away to all family members. Take the linens off the bed and launder them at least once every two weeks. You may want to pick one day for clothes and another day for linens, towels, and such to make the task even easier to accomplish.

Thursday – Let Thursday be trash day. Start by cleaning out the refrigerator of all the leftovers past their consume by date. Next empty all trashcans, wiping them clean before replacing the liners. Now, today is the day to clean all kitchen and bathroom surfaces including the floor. Sweep and mop as needed. Replace soiled dish towels, bath towels, and wash clothes with their freshly laundered counterparts.

Friday  – Today is for dusting and vacuuming. Dust from top to bottom because dust settles down to the ground, so you’ll want to vacuum last to gather up all the dust you’ve just cleaned from the fixtures, lamps, and furnishings. Be sure to peek beneath the furniture and clean underneath those big furniture pieces as well. On vacuuming day, you’ll also want to clean the vents getting rid of any dust that has accumulated during the week. Pay close attention to corners and baseboards, while easy to ignore, they should be cleaned as well.

These tips should get you well on your way to keeping your home clean all week long. If you find you still need a bit of extra help or want to increase your free time options, call on the professionals at Signature Maids to get the job done for you!